Forest on the shore of the Lipovskoye lake
  The defenders of the Kurgalsky reserve guard from building a lake Lipovskoye Environmental action in defense of Kurgalsky zakaznik, which was attended on Saturday, 25 may, about 40 residents…

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Trip to lake Turgoyak
  A trip to oz.Turgoyak I was planning since last year. Earlier happened to be on this beautiful lake a couple of times. But that would be purposefully there to…

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PORTUGAL O. San Miguel. Tours in Portugal. Holidays in Portugal


The island of são Miguel is the largest and most charming among all the Azores. Its dimensions are 65 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide. The island’s population is a little over 120,000 people. This island is quite often referred to as the “green island” because of its beautiful green landscape. There are not many comfortable beaches Practically the entire coastline is a marine rocks that crash into the shore, especially on the East coast. The highest point in the San Miguel mountain Pico da Vara (1103 metres).

The capital of the island — Ponta Delgada (Ponta Delgada).

In the Northern part of San Miguel is “the lake of Fire” (Lagoa do Fogo), where tourists can cook “cozido das Furnas”, the famous Azorean dish (meat, stewed in the hot springs). Way of cooking this dish is quite spicy: a pan of raw meat and vegetables wrapped in cloth and buried in volcanic ash for several hours.

The second largest city on the island after the capital is Ribeira Grande (Ribeira Grande). It is a 20-minute drive from Ponta Delgada. There is quite a beautiful historic centre and beautiful beaches, with very good conditions for surfing. In addition, it is the most convenient point for trips Continue reading

The Lake Tair


Recently received this in his poem, where I asked one of the authors of the site – was I ever on the lake Tair? I did not even know about this lake with the title, in tune with my surname. About Tairov lane (by the name of the owner of the house in St. Petersburg, Luke Gavrilovic Tairov) near Sennaya square – know. About Tairovo district in Odessa knew. Russian actor and Director Alexander Yakovlevich Tairova, about a Soviet aircraft designer Vsevolod Konstantinovich Tairova, who died in 1941, and many other people with the surname Tairov was it. The lake and about Tair never heard before.

It turned out that to the South in 42 kilometers from Yoshkar-Ola is the most beautiful lake Tair. The name of the lake, according to many handbooks and publications, comes from Mari OTO EP (“gr” the grove “EP” – lake). In the middle of the lake is a small island, on which grows a grove “gr”.

There is another version of the Perm-Mari title: “TA” (lake) + “EP” (lake); “lake+lake”.

And the third version from the Turkic word – name Tahir. There was even a legend, in his own way explains the origin of this name: “the old man with the boy after a long journey Continue reading