Trip to lake White
  The White lake is located in Pustoshkinsky district of the Pskov region. On the route Moscow-Riga to the town of Pustoshka., then left onto the M20 "Saint-Petersburg - Kiev".…

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Environmental action movement - clear lake
  On 6 September on the shores of lake Sestroretsky Razliv will be held environmental action movement "clear lake". In the program cleaning of the coastal zone of the lake,…

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The Healing properties of water of the salt lake Sivash


On the Crimean Peninsula between two seas Black and Azov has a large but quite shallow lake called the Sivash. Strictly speaking, it is not a lake at all, but rather a Bay of the Azov sea, which stretched for miles and miles. The source of the water of the Sivash only one – this is a Fine Bay, which is located near the town of Genichesk. In the summer months due to strong heat it dries quickly, because of this, the lake water is becoming saltier and saltier.

The system of Sivash lake – this combination of land and water, while the total area of the lake with pools, backwaters, creeks, underwater springs is 10 000 km². The share of “living” water accounts for only about 2 500 km². The lake is divided into two parts: the big East is called Sivagami less — Western Sivasami.

Salt lake wants to call a natural phenomenon. When the area of the lake is surprisingly shallow, its maximum depth – not more than 3 meters, mostly in the Sivash is not deeper than 0.5 to 1.0 m. of Course, the most important riches of the lake – this its salt and brine, which greatly benefit the human body, being the source of health. In the brine contains such Continue reading

the Largest lakes on the territory of Bryansk region

Michalka, Guerinot, Kozhanovskaya (Leather) and Salamence -the largest natural lakes of the Bryansk region.

Lake – natural body of water, filled within lake bowl (lake bed) with water, which has no direct connection with the sea. Depending on the conditions of formation of the lake bed identifying the main types of lakes: dam (river, lowland and coastal), hollows (moraine, glacial, karst, thermokarst, deflation, volcanic and tectonic), of mixed origin. Water balance of the lake are divided into waste (outlet-inlet) fed by tributary waters from the catchment area and giving the flow in the river and endorheic (evaporator intake), losing water by evaporation. Thermal regime of lake emit moderate, tropical and polar. Lakes are classified according to the living conditions of aquatic organisms in oligotrophic (poor in phytoplankton and nutrients), and eutrophic (with high content of nutrients) and distrofia (shallow water, poor in oxygen and nutrients). The chemical composition of isolated freshwater lakes, brackish and salty. The total area of lakes in the globe about 2.1 million km 2 (about 1.4% of the land). The largest lake of the world Caspian lake-sea (376 300 km2 ), the deepest – Baikal (1620 m or 1641 m).

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15 most brightly colored landscapes of the world


The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us. CNN on its website published breathtaking photos that can rightly be called the most colorful landscapes in the world. It is difficult to believe that these pictures are not subjected to the color post-processing. See 15 of the most brightly colored landscapes of the world created by mother nature.

1. Dallol, Ethiopia. Colorful Dallol volcano is located in the heart of Danakil, which is considered the hottest place on the planet. Thanks to salt and hot springs, which washed the sulfur compounds and iron from magma, the crater of the volcano was so colourful and bright. Mineral composition of the springs close to volcanic healing mud, which is famous Russian resort Temryuk.

2. Lake Hiller, Australia. The pink lake is located off the coast of Western Australia, on the island Middle. While not completely clear why the water is pink. This lake is very salty, for several years there were mining salt.

3. The River Caño Cristales, Colombia. Known as the «Liquid rainbow» or «the River of five colors», river caño Cristales each year in the period from July to November «happy» present a multi-color show. The water in the river is painted in shades of red, yellow, green, blue Continue reading