The lake of Fire.
  Fires burn brightly, the flames licking higher and already slightly bored predsmertnoe-August sky. This is not a witch hunt, this is the start of the new season of Serie…

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  Tremendous according to numerous properties and parameters of the salt lake Baskunchak is situated on the territory of Astrakhan region is literally at the end of the settlement the…

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Forest on the shore of the Lipovskoye lake


The defenders of the Kurgalsky reserve guard from building a lake Lipovskoye

Environmental action in defense of Kurgalsky zakaznik, which was attended on Saturday, 25 may, about 40 residents of the village of Kurgolovo the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region — just another phase in the struggle for the inviolability of protected areas. About this today, on may 27, the correspondent of IA REGNUM informed the members of the initiative group in defense of the “Kurgalsky” zakaznik.

According to the testimony of a member of the Board of OBEO “Green World” Vera Ovcharenko, under threat of land — the protected forest on the shore of the lake, which the inhabitants were taken under the protection and consistently protect.

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Fishing in Karelia, rest in Karelia

Karelia is situated in the North-West of the European part. In the East it is washed by the White sea, in the South – Ladoga and Onega lakes. On the West it borders with Finland. On the territory of 172,4 thousand sq. km. are 23 districts, 12 towns, 12 urban-type settlements.

The most important and largest cities – Petrozavodsk, Sortavala, Kem, Kondopoga, Medvezhyegorsk, Belomorsk, Segezha. The capital of the Republic – Petrozavodsk.

The nature of this region is very unique – hills and plains and endless ridges of boulders, granite cliffs, vast spaces of forests, the largest lake of the country and thousands of small lakes, wild rivers and waterfalls.

The image of Karelia associates first of all with the land of blue lakes. Indeed, here is extremely a lot of lakes – over 61 thousand. By their number per 1 thousand sq. km. area, Karelia confidently takes the first place not only in Russia but also among regions of the world.

Karelian lakes are very different in size – from small “lambesc”, closed and ring, to the largest in Europe – Ladoga and Onega. Dominate the lake with a surface area up to 1 sq km, but much larger, up to 10 or more square kilometres, and 20 of them exceed 100 sq. km. Total number of lakes in Karelia is 11.4%, which is considerably higher than its neighbor Finland, and almost 2 times higher than in the Murmansk Continue reading

Trip to lake Svetloyar
  Weekend, July 6-7. there was a trip to the lake Svetloyar, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The history of the lake has many legends, local places and healing…


15 most brightly colored landscapes of the world
  The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us. CNN on its website published breathtaking photos that can rightly be called the most colorful landscapes in the world. It…

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