Trip to lake Svetloyar
  Weekend, July 6-7. there was a trip to the lake Svetloyar, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The history of the lake has many legends, local places and healing…

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The lake Baikal
  Lake Baikal – the oldest and deepest lake in the world, one of the greatest freshwater reservoirs in the world. It possesses unusual magnetic properties. It is celebrated by…

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The lake of Fire.


Fires burn brightly, the flames licking higher and already slightly bored predsmertnoe-August sky. This is not a witch hunt, this is the start of the new season of Serie A. “See” has already scored, and then life goes on. And that’s the start of the Series And the best football tournament in the history of mankind, this text is dedicated. And Yes, this is the best football tournament in the history of mankind, the best, and don’t argue, just the history of the suffering humanity.

But at the start of the season one person for whom I’d climbed the fire that blazed even brighter, blazed like burning now under the Windows stupid, well, well, well, not stupid, let it be – careless, Rafa Benitez. The Spaniard will be executed at sunset, Naples does not forgive betrayal and cowardice. Fuck Rafay, now a different story.

In the forthcoming season there is a man for whom I will root separately and soul. Why? And hell knows, the laws of the spiritual aspirations of modern humanity is unknown (I’m telling you, he’s got a shitty story). I so want, want and that’s it. So feels my soul.

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Pink Lake

In Australia there is one very amazing lake that affects everyone who sees it for the first time to its unique unusual water color. To add a bit of mystery to describe, say, what is the color, more characteristic of Flamingo – soft milky-pink.

The lake is located on one of the Islands in the South-Western area of the Australian continent. The island is named Average, and the lake itself is named Hiller. The area which it occupies, is very small. It is an oval with dimensions of only 600 meters by 250 meters.

For the first time this lake was discovered by the English expedition led by Matthew Flinders in 1802. The miracle of nature after its opening is not particularly attracted researchers, while the island until the early twentieth century served as a base for whaling ships from around the world.

In the early twentieth century in the lake district decided to develop a salt Deposit. But even the use of special equipment did not allow to achieve a high level of profitability, and production was closed very quickly. In addition, the color of the water scared away consumers who were not particularly eager to buy the salt produced from the lake of an unusual color. Tourists also do not particularly want to visit this place and the island is today only occasionally attracts some scientists, who could reveal the secret of the color of its water.

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15 most brightly colored landscapes of the world


The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us. CNN on its website published breathtaking photos that can rightly be called the most colorful landscapes in the world. It is difficult to believe that these pictures are not subjected to the color post-processing. See 15 of the most brightly colored landscapes of the world created by mother nature.

1. Dallol, Ethiopia. Colorful Dallol volcano is located in the heart of Danakil, which is considered the hottest place on the planet. Thanks to salt and hot springs, which washed the sulfur compounds and iron from magma, the crater of the volcano was so colourful and bright. Mineral composition of the springs close to volcanic healing mud, which is famous Russian resort Temryuk.

2. Lake Hiller, Australia. The pink lake is located off the coast of Western Australia, on the island Middle. While not completely clear why the water is pink. This lake is very salty, for several years there were mining salt.

3. The River Caño Cristales, Colombia. Known as the «Liquid rainbow» or «the River of five colors», river caño Cristales each year in the period from July to November «happy» present a multi-color show. The water in the river is painted in shades of red, yellow, green, blue Continue reading