The Healing properties of water of the salt lake Sivash
  On the Crimean Peninsula between two seas Black and Azov has a large but quite shallow lake called the Sivash. Strictly speaking, it is not a lake at all,…

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The uchar Waterfall – test for the brave..."
  In the second issue of the Russian geographical magazine ’s Picturesque Russia"* in 2015 published an article about Altai biosphere reserve: "the Waterfall uchar – test for the bold…”…

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The lake of Fire.


Fires burn brightly, the flames licking higher and already slightly bored predsmertnoe-August sky. This is not a witch hunt, this is the start of the new season of Serie A. “See” has already scored, and then life goes on. And that’s the start of the Series And the best football tournament in the history of mankind, this text is dedicated. And Yes, this is the best football tournament in the history of mankind, the best, and don’t argue, just the history of the suffering humanity.

But at the start of the season one person for whom I’d climbed the fire that blazed even brighter, blazed like burning now under the Windows stupid, well, well, well, not stupid, let it be – careless, Rafa Benitez. The Spaniard will be executed at sunset, Naples does not forgive betrayal and cowardice. Fuck Rafay, now a different story.

In the forthcoming season there is a man for whom I will root separately and soul. Why? And hell knows, the laws of the spiritual aspirations of modern humanity is unknown (I’m telling you, he’s got a shitty story). I so want, want and that’s it. So feels my soul.

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Trip to lake White


The White lake is located in Pustoshkinsky district of the Pskov region. On the route Moscow-Riga to the town of Pustoshka., then left onto the M20 “Saint-Petersburg – Kiev”. After the bridge over the river Alol the first turn left into the village. Verzilovo. To Verzilovo two kilometers. After passing through the village, at the fork in front of the wood turn right at the next fork to the left and you will go to the beach oz. White. From Moscow to White approximately 570 km.

In the last issue we announced the holding at the White lake is another of the all-Russian gathering of underwater photographers where invited to join all good people – photographers, underwater hunters, divers. The next cyclone in our North country are not scared of these divers, because the diving suits is much more reliable umbrellas. The delegation of our magazine arrived on the scene late at night, maneuvering through the maze of forest roads, illuminated by lightning flashes. Morning, the rain stopped, we put up tents and conduct reconnaissance. Water in White despite the rain was very transparent, 3-4 meters. On the shore an old acquaintance – Sergey Malyshev (Club “Batial”), he managed to hunt and tells the latest news. In a medium-sized lake with good pike, tench and a small Continue reading