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Big lake
  Romania is situated in the heart of Europe. It is bordered by Ukraine (North), Moldova, Ukraine and the Black Sea (in the East), Bulgaria (South), Serbia (South-West) and Hungary…

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Lakes, large and small
At all times the lake helped a person to survive in the harsh realities of the outside world. They always were and are now important sources of fresh water and…

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Fishing in Karelia, rest in Karelia

Karelia is situated in the North-West of the European part. In the East it is washed by the White sea, in the South – Ladoga and Onega lakes. On the West it borders with Finland. On the territory of 172,4 thousand sq. km. are 23 districts, 12 towns, 12 urban-type settlements.

The most important and largest cities – Petrozavodsk, Sortavala, Kem, Kondopoga, Medvezhyegorsk, Belomorsk, Segezha. The capital of the Republic – Petrozavodsk.

The nature of this region is very unique – hills and plains and endless ridges of boulders, granite cliffs, vast spaces of forests, the largest lake of the country and thousands of small lakes, wild rivers and waterfalls.

The image of Karelia associates first of all with the land of blue lakes. Indeed, here is extremely a lot of lakes – over 61 thousand. By their number per 1 thousand sq. km. area, Karelia confidently takes the first place not only in Russia but also among regions of the world.

Karelian lakes are very different in size – from small “lambesc”, closed and ring, to the largest in Europe – Ladoga and Onega. Dominate the lake with a surface area up to 1 sq km, but much larger, up to 10 or more square kilometres, and 20 of them exceed 100 sq. km. Total number of lakes in Karelia is 11.4%, which is considerably higher than its neighbor Finland, and almost 2 times higher than in the Murmansk Continue reading

The Most beautiful trails and roads of the world.

On Earth there are thousands of wonderful paths, trails and roads, known for its breathtaking views, but not each of them is unique. In this collection collected one of a kind, unique trails and routes, which have no analogues anywhere in the world. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy these breathtaking views, and we will join them and a virtual visit to all these places.

We will talk more about trails — amazing and unique ways, created by both man and nature. Let’s start with a fabulous flower garden, kavati Fuji, with its famous Wisteria tunnel. In Japan, Wisteria, known as Fuji is a Japanese flowering vine. In mid April these plants begin to flower, produces a stunning effect. Wisteria blooms in many shades, ranging from light pink, to violet, yellow and red. These whimsical gardens are breathtaking and inspiring, and a tunnel length of 80 meters is still overgrown with flowery vines, and in a few years will Shine in all its glory.

Then move on to trails of Plitvice lakes in Croatia. These unique lakes are included in the world heritage list of UNESCO since 1979 and is famous for the cascade of 16 lakes and waterfalls. With the aim of bringing the forest ecosystems to tourists and promote the natural values Continue reading

Beautiful lake Hamilton Pool

Lake Hamilton Pool (Hamilton Pool) is located in Texas, near the city of Austin. This is one of the most unusual lakes in the world and it’s underground and surface at the same time. Part of the lake goes under the arch stone grotto from which flows a beautiful waterfall. Unique lake the owners carefully maintain the nature reserve Hamilton Pool Preserve.

37 km West of Austin (Texas, USA) is one of the most unusual and picturesque lakes in the world – Hamilton Pool (Hamilton Pool). The singularity of it is that it is both an underground lake and surface, flowing to the surface from under the arch stone grotto. Complements the beauty of waterfall flowing from 15-meter height

The lake was formed thousands of years ago as a result of collapse of the limestone dome of an underground river due to massive erosion. Water underground rivers flow into the river flowing nearby Pedernales (Pedernales river), which, in turn, is a tributary of the Colorado river

Hamilton pool, or better won’t translate on Russian language its name, Hamilton Pool is small, its area is about one square kilometer. That is, compared to our Pleshcheevo lake is a puddle.

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Lakes, large and small

At all times the lake helped a person to survive in the harsh realities of the outside world.

They always were and are now important sources of fresh water and protein, they create a unique favourable microclimate and tissue.Large and small lakes are important links in the global ecosystem of the Earth. Freshwater lakes not only accumulate significant amounts of fresh water, but also provide relatively easy access to it.

Lakes are bodies of water in the hollows of the land, which are called basins. They are not included in the system of the world ocean .

In lakes, according to the latest data, contains approximately 95 thousand km 3 of water, which is 0.26% of all freshwater reserves on the planet and 0.007% of all water of the Earth.

Lake delight us with its diversity. They can be deep and shallow, freshwater and saline, with a rich fauna and flora and «dead» … However, at closer look we see that unlike, at first sight, each other of the reservoirs a lot in common. The study of lakes deals with the science of Limnology (from the Greek. lmn — lake, pond and logos — the word, the doctrine). Considering the most significant and important factors, this science offers us organize Continue reading

My diving – the annals of the community: Trip to the lake Teletskoye


On the exit of the Teletskoye lake was special to say the least. Well, first of all, the weather all weekend +11+16 and torrential rains. Secondly, the place of our overnight stay were changed every day. I especially remember the second night on the basis of «Koldor” if very briefly – we have felt that such a local flavor, in every sense of the word. Well, we got there but as the Germans – a mystery. Early in the morning – so a German, took on breast 50gr. vodka and into the lake. But as he shone the eyes after all the offense. Here it is mother Russia, in all its glory greets foreign guests.

Thirdly, who do You think agreed to this?

Marina Startseva, Volzhenin Denis, Nikolay Krainov, Eugene Sablin and Arthur from the city of Kogalym – for which they were awarded more than seen under water. Let’s start with the fact that the temperature under water at 30m. – +7 above 15m +11. All dives took place not less than 50min. And each time, plunging into cold, dark, yet enticing lake water on brutal walls, steep underwater cliffs, crevices, sandy and silty slopes we waited for the burbot. They had the same languid look, but more friendly. The number of meeting us Nalimov from 1 to six for one dive.

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