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Scenic Romania!


What was it, Romania? What makes it unique? What attracts tourists to Romania. there are many questions and unfortunately for Russian tourists, the country is little known.

Dracula, Nicolae Ceausescu, perhaps all. no – no – even Gypsies!

Of course DRACULA. the world-famous hero, loved the country and as a historical figure and as a Vampire, but today is not about famous people and popular tourist places.

Today on the natural values of the country, its unique creations of nature.

So hit the road.

One of the most beautiful to visit in Romania places is the Turda gorge with its wild karst landscape. This is a high and steep cliffs, sharp ridges, stone arches and towers, more than 1000 species of plants, animals, rare butterflies. With 1938, is a natural reservation and is included in the UNESCO list as one of the most important natural monuments. The length of the gorge is about 1300 m with stone walls up to 200m.

In Transylvania there is a layer of salt about 400 m, which includes the salt mine of Turda, with age more than 13 million years and the thickness of the salt layer about 250 m. It is known throughout Romania, historical monument of Cluj County.

Lake Bey’s eye is one of the most beautiful in Romania.

Never freezing lake in the mountains Anina one of the parts of the National Park – Gorge Nereus Beusnita. Difficult road to it, but the blue of the water is worth it.

One of local legends says.

Ottoman Bay named Running loved a very beautiful girl, kidnapped her and imprisoned in a high tower into the gorge Nereus. But the girl managed to escape. With the help of rope, which she was bound down pretty the rock in the valley of Nereus. Running the Turks could not endure this grief, he cried so much that his tears formed the lake is amazing. They say the girl turned into a river Beusnita, and the young Turks in lake Bey’s Eye.

Romanian miracle – the 7 stairs canyon in the mountains a Large Stone ( Piatra Mare). The name of the canyon received from the seven waterfalls with a height difference from 2.5 to 15 m. With a length of 160 meters and a height difference 58 m 7 stairs canyon is one of the most beautiful and impressive place to visit in Romania. The height of the first stair of 8 m, the latter 35 m.

The bottomless lake! exactly is popularly known as the lake and the County of Buzau surrounded by beautiful scenery, one of the most visited places in Romania. The lake covers an area of 0.9 ha with a maximum depth of 2.5 m, though the lake has a bottom. ) It is called eagle lake.

There are two legends associated with this place. One of them told Vlahuta Alexandru, Romanian poet and writer in his book “Picturesque Romania”, which told the story of eagles taught their young in these places to fly. The second legend tells about a shepherd who decided to quit his trade and go wandering. Now before you leave this place legendary shepherd cast into the lake of his staff. After a year of ordeal, he finds him in the Danube. It is a reminder of his native place, returns home to his shepherd and flock to the “bottomless lake”.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Romania – the Lord’s bridge, a natural wonder of the County of Mehedinti. It is the largest natural bridge in the country and second in Europe, and Europe’s only open for movement.

According to one legend, the Lord God himself threw him across the river of muddy water in which drowning sinners, falling at the same time straight to Hell. This bridge was the help of Saint Nicodemus, whose name is connected the history of the first monastery in Panorama, Romaneasca – Tismana.