Pink Lake
In Australia there is one very amazing lake that affects everyone who sees it for the first time to its unique unusual water color. To add a bit of mystery…

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Expert called his version of the causes of the landslide in Almaty
  About when should we fear the floods, why they are impossible to predict and the cause of this natural disaster in an interview said lead researcher RSE "Kazhydromet",…

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Rest in Hungary

Tourists love to come to Hungary not only for its unique mild climate with warm winters and hot summers, but also for the opportunity to visit unique sights.

In this amazing country you can not only relax and admire the works of art, but also to take care of their health. This region is rich in thermal springs that can compete with the world’s best health resorts. Thermal waters helps to improve the circulatory system, to cure diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory tract, improve metabolism. So the rest and treatment in Hungary — is one of the best selections on today.

The famous baths of Budapest offer everyone treatment iodine and radioactive waters. Lime water through which treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system, are also presented in the baths of Budapest.

Rest on the lakes of Hungary

The nature of Hungary is truly unique. The famous lake Balaton, hévíz, yew must see. The surroundings of lake Balaton, one of the most beautiful places in Europe, which retains its original microclimate. We know that the environment of these places is considered very auspicious. For its maintenance and preservation, on the lake is prohibited the use of Motorboats.

Those wishing to relax in this beautiful place, will be able to stay in the local hotels and enjoy the wonderful nature. And quality and service are at the highest level.

In the winter recreation on the lakes of Hungary is also interesting, for example at lake Balaton you can skate and New year in Hungary will be remembered as a beautiful fairy tale in winter. One of my favorite places is gorod-barcelona and its surroundings. Many places I saw, but this is my favorite.

Those who love water recreation, lake Balaton will offer a network of recreational activities: sailing, surfing, fishing. The famous national dish prepared from fogas perch, which are caught at lake Balaton. This dish is present in menu of almost any restaurant in the country. Many fishermen from many countries have been able to assess the benefits of fish and fishing at lake Balaton.

A holiday in Hungary reviews

Were in October 2011. Pritenzy to the hotel is absolutely not. Some of the staff even speak Russian, which was especially nice. The room was great, clean, nice furniture. As for the breakfasts they are standard only in Europe, not better or worse. The location is convenient to Heroes ‘ square, where we took the bus, we reach in 5 minutes. Within walking distance of the zoo (unfortunately we were not lucky, it was partially renovated). So it’s advise!

Rested at the hotel Benczur in August 2011.The hotel is spacious,quite comfortable. Settled, however ,in the old part where there was no repair .As on the same floor of a 3 floor renovated 2/3 the difference is too striking. The room is small but for 2 of them completely .

Vacationing with her husband in the new year 2011. The hotel has two portion. We rested in new, so happy the room is warm, light, new furniture, nice bathroom. This is the number of class superior. Christmas program is excellent. Funny singer and everything well organized.

  The lake — it is a closed recess sushi filled with water and which has no direct connection with the ocean. Unlike rivers, lakes — the reservoirs slow water…


The Healing properties of water of the salt lake Sivash
  On the Crimean Peninsula between two seas Black and Azov has a large but quite shallow lake called the Sivash. Strictly speaking, it is not a lake at all,…

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