The lake — it is a closed recess sushi filled with water and which has no direct connection with the ocean. Unlike rivers, lakes — the reservoirs slow water…

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The Healing properties of water of the salt lake Sivash
  On the Crimean Peninsula between two seas Black and Azov has a large but quite shallow lake called the Sivash. Strictly speaking, it is not a lake at all,…

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Forest on the shore of the Lipovskoye lake


The defenders of the Kurgalsky reserve guard from building a lake Lipovskoye

Environmental action in defense of Kurgalsky zakaznik, which was attended on Saturday, 25 may, about 40 residents of the village of Kurgolovo the Kingisepp district of the Leningrad region — just another phase in the struggle for the inviolability of protected areas. About this today, on may 27, the correspondent of IA REGNUM informed the members of the initiative group in defense of the “Kurgalsky” zakaznik.

According to the testimony of a member of the Board of OBEO “Green World” Vera Ovcharenko, under threat of land — the protected forest on the shore of the lake, which the inhabitants were taken under the protection and consistently protect.

“Build has ordered local authorities, while permits are not available. A few days ago, in the time of the construction of piles. But the array is located in a protective forest water protection zones by their unique biological characteristics of lake Lipovskoye protected mode “Kurgalsky” reserve”, — she explains.

Determined to fight the inhabitants of the village of Kurgolovo me remind you that on 14 may, the issue was discussed with the participation of Governor Alexander Drozdenko and the head of the region spoke in support, noting that “not patriots could give such space for residential purposes”.

“Two years ago the administration of Ust-Luzhsky rural settlement, to be auctioned for individual housing construction the land plot of 1.3 hectares in a pine forest, whose age — more than 120 years. The result of Saturday’s action was the collective statement of inhabitants of Kurgolovo the police in fact started in the woods building” — said Vera Ovcharenko.

We will remind, the Lipovskoye lake — the largest internal reservoir on the Kurgalsky Peninsula, the lagoon of the Gulf of Finland, connected with it by a channel. It is home to protected species of algae, and on the shores — rare plants listed in the Red Book of the region.