About the center - Sinegorye
  Our Center is called "Wellness" — because we are not engaged in treatment, and strive to create the conditions and help our patients to make health one of the…

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The Lake Tair
  Recently received this in his poem, where I asked one of the authors of the site – was I ever on the lake Tair? I did not even know…

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The cleanest lake in the world


Situated in a National Park Nelson lakes(New Zealand), Blue lake, known as Rotomahana – holds the title of the cleanest lakes in the world. Scientific tests carried out in 2011 the new Zealand National Institute of water and atmospheric research (NIWA) showed that Rotomahana – pristine freshwater lake known to man.

According to research it was noted that visibility through the water is 80 meters.Blue lake is characterized by purple-blue shades which may be seen in clear water like this:

Blue lake fed by another, nearby, lake Constance:

The lake is situated at an altitude of over kilometers above sea level, to be precise – 1200 meters. The water temperature is always within 5-8 degrees Celsius. Pure Blue lakes are sacred to local Maori tribes, and to enter into the lake is strictly prohibited. Even to make underwater photos, the authorities had negotiated with Maori representatives dive into the water.

National Park Nelson lakes

National Park Nelson lakes located in the Northern part of new Zealand’s Southern Alps, and located the nearest town is Nelson. The national Park was established in 1956, covers an area of 1020 square kilometers.

Southern Alps:

Southern Alps is a mountain range in the South Island of New Zealand. There is also the highest peak of New Zealand – mount cook (m).

The Park is as inaccessible corners, mainly in the mountains who are determined to visit only the most experienced and public, which have trails, campsites, rest areas and other infrastructure. The Park is a popular destination for fishing, Hiking and picnics.

Somewhere in the Southern Alps:

Lakes in the Park are many:

The Park is also home to the “wilderness restoration project Rotoiti(the name of the lake in the Park)”, which aims to restore the population of kiwi, lizards, some species of birds.

In New Zealand, the development of ecology is one of the priority areas. It is considered that this country is the purest on Earth, so it is not surprising that the Blue lake thanks to the efforts of nature and the protection of persons has this status. So a quarter of the country (25%) is strictly protected areas, parks and other places that are under environmental control and protection.

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