The cleanest lake in the world
  Situated in a National Park Nelson lakes(New Zealand), Blue lake, known as Rotomahana - holds the title of the cleanest lakes in the world. Scientific tests carried out in…

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The Healing properties of water of the salt lake Sivash
  On the Crimean Peninsula between two seas Black and Azov has a large but quite shallow lake called the Sivash. Strictly speaking, it is not a lake at all,…

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The uchar Waterfall – test for the brave…”


In the second issue of the Russian geographical magazine ’s Picturesque Russia”* in 2015 published an article about Altai biosphere reserve: “the Waterfall uchar – test for the bold…”

In each issue of the magazine, which is published once in two months, there is a heading called “the Protected area”, which tells about the national parks of our country. In this room were placed the articles of Tigireksky nature reserve, Altaisky and Katunsky biosphere reserves.

In the article on the Altai biosphere reserve “Waterfall uchar – test for the bold…” reserve staff told us about the biggest in the Altai mountains cascade waterfall uchar (Tulchinsky Big waterfall). This extraordinary work is located on the territory of the Altai nature reserve, on the right tributary of Chulyshman — the river Chulcha in 11-12 kilometers from its confluence with the Chulyshman. In 2011, the Association of tour operators has made a uchar in a list of 5 of the most hard-to-reach attractions of Russia. The route to the waterfall uchar – one of the six eco-educational routes allowed in the reserve to visit. The article tells about the changes that happened on the trail, and provides visitors an updated route.

The main goal of the Russian geographical magazine ’s Picturesque Russia”, published since 1999 – the revival of interest of compatriots to geography, culture and history of our country, its monuments and people, to travel to Russia and true crafts.

*Additional information

Russian geographical magazine ’s PICTURESQUE RUSSIA” published since 1999 once in two months, with a circulation of 8.000 copies, richly illustrated, is distributed throughout Russia, is involved in many major international exhibitions for tourism and recreation. This informative and educational publication for the General reader in geography, history, culture and traditions of our country. Each Suite has a separate tab dedicated to one of the regions of Russia. In addition, each room has the following headings: «the people of Russia”, to learn about the peoples that populate our country; “Pearls of Russia» – the most striking natural and architectural monuments of our country (the ancient historic city, unique lake or mountain peaks, etc.); “the Protected area” – about the many reserves and national parks of Russia; the “crafts” – clay and wooden toys, Gzel and Khokhloma, Palekh and Fedoskino, amber craft and bone carving; category “Explorers” dedicated to our wonderful sailors and travelers. The articles are written by distinguished geographers, historians, highly qualified journalists.