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Trip to lake Svetloyar


Weekend, July 6-7. there was a trip to the lake Svetloyar, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The history of the lake has many legends, local places and healing waters renowned for their miraculous powers.

Days 6-7 July was not chosen by accident-6 July celebrates the day of the Vladimir icon of the mother of God. The village, near which is a lake, called Vladimir. The morning held a solemn service, and then through the streets of the village, there is a procession – bear icon of the Vladimir mother of God to the lake. From all over Russia, CIS and far abroad are pulled together here in these days of the pilgrims, people who want to heal, to touch the relics, to get help. And these are people of different religions, because the lake is what unites them all and helps his miraculous power. The procession moves along the Avenue of birch trees, to the wooden Church of the Kazan mother of God, which is located on the hill near the lake. There is a prayer service, people are attached to the face of the Vladimir mother of God. Then everyone walks around the lake perimeter, in front of the priest with the icon. People go and pray, thinking of his own.

Along the Avenue of birch trees leading to the lake, these days it takes a fair sell. Monastyrsky kvass, Mead, products from birch bark, clay, baskets; play the harp and much more…

Pilgrims pray and plunge into the lake Svetloyar, out of the water with enlightened individuals. On the lake – thousands of people.

All go for the Holy water to the source of Cibeles, located three kilometers from the lake. There are also the graves of three of the elders, worshiped by believers.

The village is located the historical – art Museum “Kitezh,” which warmly opens its doors to all visitors to the lake. Lot of vintage household items, paintings, artifacts. Particularly striking is the section of the Museum devoted to ceramics.

7 July is celebrated the Day of Ivan Kupala, all making wreaths of various herbs, in a year you need to bring this wreath and burn. In the night of 6 to 7 July is held a turn around the lake with candles in front of the procession – the priest. This year, the evening of 6 July, there was a concert, on the stage built on the Bank.

Anyone who has visited the lake Svetloyar for once, wants to go here again, as all are celebrating a special inner transformation, a burst of energy.

The Committee of culture, youth and sport SMR invites everyone to travel on our bus to the lake Svetloyar and get a lot of pleasure and happy emotions!