Tremendous according to numerous properties and parameters of the salt lake Baskunchak is situated on the territory of Astrakhan region is literally at the end of the settlement the…

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Trip to lake bele
  And so, I want to still continue the story about the trip to Bela. The lake is wonderful, if not for the persistent rain. Weather on the lake is…

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The Orenburg state nature reserve

The main purpose of the reserve “Orenburg” – the study, restoration and conservation of typical landscapes of the near-Ural, South Ural and TRANS-Ural steppes, given the presence in the region is unique and valuable and endangered species of animals and plants. The organization and carrying out ecological education of the population, development and introduction of scientific methods of nature protection, the implementation of environmental monitoring. Reserve “Orenburg” specially protected natural area, which include natural complexes and the objects having special ecological value. It is the only large natural reserves in the steppe zone of the TRANS-Volga region and southern Urals, the territory of which has never been ploughed. The reserve is characterized by the richness and diversity of biota and landscapes. The reserve acts as a carrier of reference the functions of the natural environment that existed here prior to intensive anthropogenic interventions. Special uniqueness of the reserve is that on its territory are protected steppe ecosystems, including zonal plain landscapes. The reserve is a valuable natural reserve Fund of these feather grass steppes, the reference flora and fauna.

August 10, 1988 – the decision of the Executive Committee of the Orenburg oblast Council of people’s deputies № 250-P “About the land allocation and the organization of the state steppe nature reserve “Orenburg” and the establishment on adjacent to the reserve land and water areas within the Orenburg area buffer zone 1 km wide with a limited regime of nature management.

12 may 1989 – Decree of the RSFSR Council of Ministers “On creation of state nature reserve “Orenburg”.

Role in nature conservation

The main activities of the reserve are:

– organization and carrying out of scientific researches, including conducting Annals of the nature directed on studying of features of functioning of steppe ecosystems in terms of conservation and economic exploitation, promoting the carrying out of works on protected areas other scientific organizations according to the plans and agreements on scientific cooperation