the Largest lakes on the territory of Bryansk region
Michalka, Guerinot, Kozhanovskaya (Leather) and Salamence -the largest natural lakes of the Bryansk region. Lake - natural body of water, filled within lake bowl (lake bed) with water, which has…

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15 most brightly colored landscapes of the world
  The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us. CNN on its website published breathtaking photos that can rightly be called the most colorful landscapes in the world. It…

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About the center – Sinegorye


Our Center is called “Wellness” — because we are not engaged in treatment, and strive to create the conditions and help our patients to make health one of the most effective methods VDF— dry fractional (cyclical) starvation, which requires patience and will. During fasting, passes the powerful cleansing of the body, incorporating its unique systems of self-regulation and huge reserves.

The human body is a powerful natural pharmacy. it has all to treat any disease. Our goal is to help each patient discover their own resources and abilities .

“Sinegorye” is a Holy spring in Altai, which according to legend brings health and youth. When from the pass we look at our mountains, they are as if covered with a blue haze, and therefore are sometimes called residents of “Blue”.

We are located in the Altai mountains. Located in one of picturesque places of Chemal district of the Altai Republic. On the mountain river Katun in a pine forest and surrounded by mountains. Clean air, powerful energy of the mountains and the river Katun, a clear starry sky, chirping of birds, the incredible silence, all this creates a healing microclimate. Living conditions are common, and there are two single rooms. A very nice room. We, of course, no Jacuzzi and other attributes of civilization, but there are all the conditions for normal peaceful passage of dry fasting .

Altai mountains is an amazing and very beautiful region, which was told and written a lot of enthusiastic words. European tourists these places attract every year more and more often called Gorny Altai, “the Siberian Switzerland” owing to striking similarity of the Altai mountains and the Swiss Alps, such as they were once, before the tourist invasion. Even the Altai mountains is often compared with Tibet. According to many legends, somewhere here is the entrance to the mystical country Shambala (Belovodye, as the old believers of Altai) — the country touch to the Mystery, the knowledge of the truth and enlightenment.

Altai is a country of contrasts. There are many unique and completely different from each other climatic systems. Due to the pronounced vertical zoning, it is possible for one trip to see vast tracts of coniferous taiga on the slopes, steeply at times sheer cliffs to the water, Alpine meadows with legendary edelweisses, covered with a snow-capped mountain peaks, cold rivers, raging rapids and waterfalls high in the headwaters and at peace-calm in the lower reaches, expanses of dry steppes and rocky Gornostay landscapes of intermountain basins. It is the highest mountain region of Siberia. The mountains here rise to a height of over 4000 m above sea level and the peaks are perennially covered by snow. The Highest peak of the Mountain of Altai — Belukha mountain. Its height is 4506 meters above sea level.

Gorny Altai is famous not only for its peaks, but also diverse and unique landscapes. There are a lot of lakes of various sizes — from very tiny to huge. Biggest and most famous lake in the Mountain Altai — the lake Teletskoye. Its depth of over 300 metres long, just under 90 miles. Lake Teletskoe is among 20 deepest lakes in the world and is the second largest natural reservoir of fresh water, conceding superiority only to lake Baikal.

It abounds in caves, which are unique objects of nature with a unique underground landscape, a special microclimate, fauna and flora. Many of these caves served as dwelling sites for prehistoric man, as evidenced by numerous finds. Here is the deepest cave in Siberia and the Far East “mine of the Altai”, with a depth of over 300 meters, and the length of the passages several kilometres!

It is impossible to describe all the beauty of nature of Gorny Altai in a nutshell, because it is very diverse. There are mountains, steppes, impenetrable taiga, Alpine meadows, countless lakes and waterfalls, caves and peaks, covered with eternal snows. Here is possible to all kinds of tourism: driving routes, equestrian tourism, mountaineering, ski tourism, Hiking and rafting on mountain rivers of any complexity. Everyone can find rest to your taste! No wonder, having been once in the Altai mountains, many return here again and again to enjoy the uniqueness of untouched nature, clean mountain air, and immerse yourself in the pristine and unexplored world full of…

The weather sometimes is very capricious and fickle, which is not surprising, because this is the place where clouds live. Often you can observe a fascinating spectacle, right in front of the cloud appears and grows, creeping out of a nearby mountain. So, do not blame the meteorologist for his unfulfilled predictions. The climate is generally characterized as sharply continental, which, again, is not surprising, as the Altai is located almost in the center of the continent, far from any ocean. But climatic conditions are very different in different regions of the Altai mountains, they are determined by the height of the area and prevailing winds. The warmest place in Western Siberia and the pole of cold, located in the territory of the Altai Republic.

In the Northern capital movement organized the clear lake
ST. PETERSBURG, February 1. Last year in St. Petersburg was the "Year of pure lakes". From may to September, St. Petersburg companies, environmental organizations and volunteers spent more than 30…


The Lake Tair
  Recently received this in his poem, where I asked one of the authors of the site – was I ever on the lake Tair? I did not even know…

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