Unique lake under threat Chokrak
Unique lake under the threat of Chokrak In Crimea, a lot of lakes, lake Chokrak is a very interesting object. But as point sources and scientists, this lake is under…

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The Lake Tair
  Recently received this in his poem, where I asked one of the authors of the site – was I ever on the lake Tair? I did not even know…

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My diving – the annals of the community: Trip to the lake Teletskoye


On the exit of the Teletskoye lake was special to say the least. Well, first of all, the weather all weekend +11+16 and torrential rains. Secondly, the place of our overnight stay were changed every day. I especially remember the second night on the basis of «Koldor” if very briefly – we have felt that such a local flavor, in every sense of the word. Well, we got there but as the Germans – a mystery. Early in the morning – so a German, took on breast 50gr. vodka and into the lake. But as he shone the eyes after all the offense. Here it is mother Russia, in all its glory greets foreign guests.

Thirdly, who do You think agreed to this?

Marina Startseva, Volzhenin Denis, Nikolay Krainov, Eugene Sablin and Arthur from the city of Kogalym – for which they were awarded more than seen under water. Let’s start with the fact that the temperature under water at 30m. – +7 above 15m +11. All dives took place not less than 50min. And each time, plunging into cold, dark, yet enticing lake water on brutal walls, steep underwater cliffs, crevices, sandy and silty slopes we waited for the burbot. They had the same languid look, but more friendly. The number of meeting us Nalimov from 1 to six for one dive.

Very memorable night dive on the Cape ’Cowan”. Besides Nalimov we were lucky enough to see grayling up to 60-70cm. in full darkness they accompanied us to the shore, well and on snack: minnows (family Cyprinidae), spotted sculpin, the locals call them shirokalova.

An unforgettable feeling of absolute internal freedom, sense of weightlessness, of flight felt hovering between underwater rocks on the Cape ’s Kara Korum” and only the computer was returned to reality.

The waterfall “Corfu” as usual appeared before us in its silent grandeur in the form of a steep wall with a negative angle, but on 30m. we waited for a couple burbot.

Cape «Iron” exceeded all completed sites by their number. We almost fell on the large male, was reached a size of up to 1m. So began a crazy …. as a result, one was killed by a direct hit of a knife to the head. Our friend from the city of Kogalym was not able to resist such temptation.

After all our adventures based on “Estube” we waited for solyanochka with Uzbek pilaf and a bathhouse with brooms and a warm bed.

“How beautiful life is, among other things, because people can travel”.

I. Goncharov

Volzhenina thank you Denis for the great pictures.