In the Republic declared the action "Clean lakes, clean beaches"
  We want to draw public attention to the problem of garbage. to force citizens to think about their behavior in nature. To give people to understand that “if they…

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Trip to lake Svetloyar
  Weekend, July 6-7. there was a trip to the lake Svetloyar, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The history of the lake has many legends, local places and healing…

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The Most beautiful trails and roads of the world.

On Earth there are thousands of wonderful paths, trails and roads, known for its breathtaking views, but not each of them is unique. In this collection collected one of a kind, unique trails and routes, which have no analogues anywhere in the world. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy these breathtaking views, and we will join them and a virtual visit to all these places.

We will talk more about trails — amazing and unique ways, created by both man and nature. Let’s start with a fabulous flower garden, kavati Fuji, with its famous Wisteria tunnel. In Japan, Wisteria, known as Fuji is a Japanese flowering vine. In mid April these plants begin to flower, produces a stunning effect. Wisteria blooms in many shades, ranging from light pink, to violet, yellow and red. These whimsical gardens are breathtaking and inspiring, and a tunnel length of 80 meters is still overgrown with flowery vines, and in a few years will Shine in all its glory.

Then move on to trails of Plitvice lakes in Croatia. These unique lakes are included in the world heritage list of UNESCO since 1979 and is famous for the cascade of 16 lakes and waterfalls. With the aim of bringing the forest ecosystems to tourists and promote the natural values of the Park were built two routes for tours, Plitvice 9 kilometers in length and Cortical Uvala length of 21 kilometers .

These trails are marked with the appropriate signs, the local guides will take you through all the most beautiful places and tell you about the richness and diversity of the local flora and fauna

Next on our list — Sagano bamboo trail, located in the beautiful bamboo forest Sagano Arashiyama in Kyoto Prefecture. Bamboo the trail goes through the heart of the forest. Fencing along the trail woven from fallen bamboo stalks, this method of fencing is used throughout


These footpaths serve as a very good place both for walking and for Cycling. A special presentation begins when blowing a gentle breeze, and the tall stalks begin to sway gently.

One of the most beautiful tunnels in world located near the town of Klevan in Ukraine, it was called the tunnel of Love. In fact, it’s the railroad tracks, around which trees are planted. In the warm season, these trees form a magical green tunnel along the nearly mile-long span of the road. Surprisingly, on this point I know very few people, even within the Klevan.

Then go to the Haiku stairs in Hawaii. This route, dubbed the stairway to heaven, climbs to the top of the mountain chain of the Koolau mountain range and consists of 3922 steps. The staircase leads up to a height of 850 meters on the almost vertical rock in the valley Haiku. The ascent is so steep that sometimes having ascended the next rung looks like you’re walking on air. Most importantly, do not even try to get up here, if You are afraid of heights.

Turn on to the trail of Santorini, built in 1715. The locals knocked it right in the monolith coastal cliffs, providing a quick descent down to the sea. In 1979 there was built the cable car, but the most romantic route to the sea still maintains the trail.

Of course, a list of the most beautiful trails and routes would not be complete without the great wall of China, which stretches over 6700 kilometers. A large part of the wall was built during the Ming dynasty, but 30% at the moment already disappeared. The most visited section of the wall is far from Beijing, it is daily visited by numerous tourists and travelers .

Finish our selection of the Avenue of beech trees in Northern Ireland under the title Dark dead end. These trees are approximately 300 years, there are more than 100 beeches planted along the road and creating a unique landscape. This is a very popular location not only for tourists but also for photographers .