The uchar Waterfall – test for the brave..."
  In the second issue of the Russian geographical magazine ’s Picturesque Russia"* in 2015 published an article about Altai biosphere reserve: "the Waterfall uchar – test for the bold…”…

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the Largest lakes on the territory of Bryansk region
Michalka, Guerinot, Kozhanovskaya (Leather) and Salamence -the largest natural lakes of the Bryansk region. Lake - natural body of water, filled within lake bowl (lake bed) with water, which has…

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Tremendous according to numerous properties and parameters of the salt lake Baskunchak is situated on the territory of Astrakhan region is literally at the end of the settlement the Bottom Baskunchak.

It is necessary to warn at once for many people who do not know that behind sand salt is hidden (within him) clay, and it means to walk along the shore need careful, but this circumstance does not confuse many tourists, who came not so much to relax as to improve their health.

Of course when you’re at this lake for the first time, you will be surprised what is here and hot!

Especially in July and August, but June’s summer money a little easier.

Forty degrees in the shade is quite normal, therefore not all people can tolerate such climatic changes.

The most selected features and moments at the lake


1)take salt baths in the lake will be very useful for the skin, and for prophylactic treatment of lung diseases, and various infectious diseases.

On the first day on the lake you udivitelny how to change your skin, face like freshening up, and is purged from the floating layer of salt in the air on the shore.

2)keeps coming back to haunt thirst for salinity and lake, both in principle and a bit of air, so take just a few bottles of ordinary non-carbonated water, sweet will want more to drink. To take at least two to three litres per person. It’s totally fine!

3)there is also no wonder the occupancy of the salt shore visitors and tourists. where as many times in a certain way to seem to step into nowhere. It is clear that the great influx of fans of the lake occurs in mid-summer;

4)salanieta water or as it is called “brine” in all circumstances will push you to the surface, so it is quite difficult in principle to resist.

But before you go and visit a wonderful one hundred on the zero Baskunchak don’t forget to stock up on useful things such as strong water-resistant sunscreen, because if so the sun enhanced the area have from time to time to constantly apply and be applied by the salt.

And of course don’t forget to take the camera (in a protective dense case), to get their pictures taken, even Panama for quality hair and sun glasses.

Total: this is a magic lake, be sure to take a dip in it and improve your health completely!