The Tonle SAP (Tonle Sap) - "Big lake" in Asia
  Toples lake (Tonle Sap Lake) — one of the most popular attractions near the city of Siem Reap in Cambodia, of course, besides the temples of Angkor. Despite the…

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  The originality and unique beauty of the Kirov region unrestrained attracts a lot of tourists, local historians, naturalists and nature enthusiasts . Contemplation forests, extending nearly to the White…

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15 most brightly colored landscapes of the world


The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze us. CNN on its website published breathtaking photos that can rightly be called the most colorful landscapes in the world. It is difficult to believe that these pictures are not subjected to the color post-processing. See 15 of the most brightly colored landscapes of the world created by mother nature.

1. Dallol, Ethiopia. Colorful Dallol volcano is located in the heart of Danakil, which is considered the hottest place on the planet. Thanks to salt and hot springs, which washed the sulfur compounds and iron from magma, the crater of the volcano was so colourful and bright. Mineral composition of the springs close to volcanic healing mud, which is famous Russian resort Temryuk.

2. Lake Hiller, Australia. The pink lake is located off the coast of Western Australia, on the island Middle. While not completely clear why the water is pink. This lake is very salty, for several years there were mining salt.

3. The River Caño Cristales, Colombia. Known as the «Liquid rainbow» or «the River of five colors», river caño Cristales each year in the period from July to November «happy» present a multi-color show. The water in the river is painted in shades of red, yellow, green, blue and gray colors due to blooming algae Macarenia clavigera.

5. Rice fields, Yunnan, China. Over 1000 years ago the Hani tribe created manually these amazing terraces for irrigation of lands on which to grow rice. The unique terrain of the rice paddies made them so picturesque that they resemble fantastic abstract paintings.

6. Great source prismatic, Yellowstone national Park, USA. It is the third largest source in the world. He throw about 2.2 thousand liters of water per minute. The lake, created by him, has a width of from 90 to 120 meters, its depth — 37 meters and the water temperature ranges from 64 to 87 ° C. the Bright color of the banks of the source — this is thanks to the silica slurry.

9. Lake Natron, Tanzania. This caustic lake in the great rift valley in Tanzania is extremely salty and hot. For most plants and animals is uninhabitable, however, flamingos and other wetland birds thrive there along with the salt loving microorganisms that give the water this otherworldly red hue.

change depending on time of year and time of day. To admire the most intense colors of rainbow rocks, should come here in the summer months.

11. Frozen lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia. It is the deepest lake in the world, its maximum depth — is more than 1,600 meters. And it is the largest source of unfrozen fresh water on our planet, about 20 percent of the entire reserve. When the lake freezes, the ice is transparent turquoise looks simply mesmerizing.

15. The fly geyser, Nevada, USA. This is a very interesting artificial geyser, probably formed as a result of man-made disaster: after a well is drilled, this strange formation to start spewing geothermal water. The geyser is located on private property in the desert of black Rock in Nevada, therefore closed to the public. But sometimes the owners give a little tour, and it can be seen from the road.

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