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Amazing lake Huron


Lake Huron is part of the five Great lakes of North America. Its coasts are divided between the canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of Michigan. This pond is remarkable that binds to a single water system to three other lakes.

From the Huron river flows out St. Claire. It flows South and empties into the small lake St. Clair. Its length is 42 km and width of 39 km at a depth of 8 meters. This reservoir is not included in the list of Great lakes because of their small size. It entails a 45 km long river in Detroit. So she falls into a body of water called the Erie. Thus the lake and is the connection with the waterway originating in the Atlantic ocean.

Some geographers try to combine Huron and Michigan into one pond, as they have a single water level. They form as it were 2 communicating vessels and are similar in characteristics of water masses. Moreover, our pond water surface area occupies 2 place among the Great lakes. It is $ 59.6 thousand sq. km But the amount of fresh water is inferior to Michigan and equals 3538 cubic km Height above sea level is equal to 177 meters.

The length of the coastline is 6157 km, but it is with all the Islands, which number several thousand. The average depth is 59 meters and a maximum of 229 meters. The length of the lake is 332 km and the maximum width of 295 km In the Northern part of the reservoir is a huge island Manitoulin. It is the largest of all the Islands in fresh water lakes. Its area is equal to 2766 sq. km On this small piece of land there are nearly 13 thousand people.

To the East of the island is a huge Bay with an area of 15 thousand square kilometers in the southwestern part of the reservoir is a 1 Bay, but smaller. Its area is 2960 sq. km. in short, lake Huron is one of the greatest water formations of North America. Its main value lies in the fact that he is a huge reservoir of fresh water in the Northern hemisphere. Of great importance is also the economic significance of the water body.

For the first time lake had seen the French in 1656. The first lucky winner was Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667). This is a very famous French cartographer. As on the banks of the pond there lived an Indian tribe of the Hurons, he received an appropriate name. In the days of our ancestors once mighty and warlike people live in the canadian province of Quebec. There are also 3 major settlements in the U.S., but from former greatness of Indians is not a trace remained.

Than the famous lake, so it’s storms, and ships graveyards. Particularly famous being the Great storm of 1913. It spawned the hurricane that hit the great lakes basin. He rampaged from 7 to 10 November, and reached a maximum on 9 November. Suffered most of all our pond. It sank 10 ships, and the 26 vessels were beached. It killed 235 seamen.

Since the beginning of the XVIII century on a huge reservoir sank more than 1,000 ships. The first was a sailing ship “the Griffon”. It’s gone on Huron in September of 1679 the entire crew and a large cargo of furs. The remains of this vessel is still not found. It is also not known place of death of a sailboat.

In a small Bay Saginaw, located on the South-Western tip of the reservoir, resting on the seabed 185 vessels. And in the Bay East of the island of Manitoulin was dead in the water depths of 212 vessels. All this truck traffic, which was carrying grain, furs and other the most diverse goods. Accordingly, the damage amounts to millions of dollars.

At all times lake Huron is famous for rare fish species. With time they were bred in many other lakes of the world. For example, brown trout. This fish lives at a depth of 20-60 meters. By the mid 50-ies of XX century this species was almost completely wiped out. The reason for this was not only to excessive fishing, but also in the appearance in the water of the sea lamprey. She fell into the lake after the opening of the Erie canal in 1925.

Reduced populations, and lake whitefish. In poor condition is the abundance of many demersal fish. The authorities are trying to save the situation by running into the lake the fish species that were previously not peculiar to him. But to the indigenous inhabitants of the deep waters is of no use there.

A huge reservoir is very important for the economy of not only Northern States but also all over America. It is part of the most important waterways, which transport goods from the Atlantic coast to the remote places located in the heart of the continent. As for ecology, we try to maintain the proper level, although in these days exercise is quite difficult.