15 most brightly colored landscapes of the world
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  The lake — it is a closed recess sushi filled with water and which has no direct connection with the ocean. Unlike rivers, lakes — the reservoirs slow water…

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TOP 9 most beautiful lakes in the world


No photo filter is not able to create something that can create nature. The beauty of these places cannot transfer any photos, so the spacecraft to evaluate its possible, only after seeing with your own eyes.

Dear readers, we bring to your attention a selection of the most unusual and picturesque lakes located in various parts of the world: TOP -9 of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

The ranking of the most beautiful lakes in the world could not have taken place without the handsome Siberian lake Baikal. The deepest lake in the world covers an area of 31 722 square meters. His age — about 25 to 35 million years. Water in lake Baikal is so pure and transparent that the surface is easy to examine objects at a depth of 30-40 meters. In addition, the Baikal water is saturated with methane, resulting in the melting of ice on its surface are formed perfectly smooth circles which can be seen even from the tops of nearby mountains. These phenomena of local residents and tourists is often mistaken for the traces of a UFO here.

Lake Hiller, surrounded by a eucalyptus forest, is located in a secluded location on the South -West of Australia. You can get there only by air. See, there really is something — the lake water has an unusual rich pink color. The reasons for this unique phenomenon is still unclear.Scientists assumed that the pink tint in the water may stain the algae, but their analysis showed that this theory is erroneous.

American lake Katur is located in the crater of the volcano (the name itself speaks about it).It is the deepest lake in the United States. It’s completely isolated from the outside world — in the lake is not no river flows, the water in the Caterer is one of the cleanest in the world.The attraction of the lake Caterer — a huge log that floats in the lake for over a hundred years and does not decompose due to the unique properties of this reservoir.

Five flowers lake is one of the most numerous reservoirs in the territory of the Chinese National Park Jiuzhaigou. Every day the Park is visited by thousands of tourists who want to admire the amazing creation of the nature:the lake depth is only 5 meters, and at its bottom are trees, ornate intertwining branches. Many plants and shrubs surrounding the lake, contrasting with the turquoise water and give the landscape a fantastic beauty.

South Tyrolean lake resia (Austria) was created artificially during the construction of a dam in 1950, the local authorities decided to flood several villages located here.All the village was completely under water — over the surface of the lake only rises the bell tower of the Church of the FOURTEENTH century.According to the legend, at night around the lake you can hear the sound of bells, although the bells removed from the tower many years ago.

Lake Abraham — artificial, is located in the canadian province of Alberta. Come view this lake is certainly better in winter, because in this time of year there is an unusual natural phenomenon: rising from the bottom bubbles of methane solidify to form a thicker bottom unusual pattern, attracting many tourists and photographers from around the world. However, to enjoy the spectacle, you have to be ready to the extreme:thirty-degree frost, strong wind and slippery incredibly the surface of the lake, and walking without a local guide can be quite a risky adventure.

Lake Nakuru in Kenya is of interest, first of all, thanks to the amazing beauty of the local fauna.The depth of a salt pond shall not exceed three meters and contains a large amount of phytoplankton -they attract thousands of pink flamingos that have chosen Nakuru and lake made the place their permanent habitat.

After seeing photos of the Plitvice lakes. it is impossible not to wonder about where is this indescribable beauty. Are Plitvice lakes National Park in Croatia. Sixteen emerald lakes connected by numerous waterfalls and surrounded by caves, a UNESCO world heritage site and officially recognised as one of the most picturesque places on the planet.

If you go to Paris, definitely take pictures of the Eiffel tower if London — take a photo of big Ben, to new York — the statue of Liberty. Probably the most photographed place in the Philippines is considered to be volcanic Taal lake, in the centre of the island, and the island is another little lake. This unique place was formed as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred several hundred thousand years ago.