The lake of Fire.
  Fires burn brightly, the flames licking higher and already slightly bored predsmertnoe-August sky. This is not a witch hunt, this is the start of the new season of Serie…

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Trip to lake White
  The White lake is located in Pustoshkinsky district of the Pskov region. On the route Moscow-Riga to the town of Pustoshka., then left onto the M20 "Saint-Petersburg - Kiev".…

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Trip to lake bele


And so, I want to still continue the story about the trip to Bela. The lake is wonderful, if not for the persistent rain. Weather on the lake is usually good, hot and dry, but since we went there in early July, he found a small rainy season. A week later, it was headed gorgeous weather.

At the entrance to the lake is immediately visible mass of tent cities. A little farther down the course, there are a series of paid Parking for tourists and everything is decorated with a bundle of built up houses and dance floors. Decided that we would go in the direction where the least people. I would not say that there is an impassable swamps and villages, but low rise is better not to go there, or pohranice in someone else’s track, or you’ll end up in the Skalnik. It is better to go on the UAZ or Niva.

For an hour found a small corner, previously ransacked the territory of Hiking and forced marches. The lake shore was heavily skewed, making it difficult to sleep in a tent, occasionally slipped in the exit. Well, the output was the vestibule, on this paws soaked. As it turned out the standard issue type of tent NORDWAY DOME 2. They are characterized by the sticking of external and internal awning during strong crosswinds.

In General, the regular: arrived, set up tents, put gas stove (time traveled by car, we decided not to bathe with burners), made some tea and began to cook real food. The food is also pretty standard. Some potatoes, some rice, a jar of saury in oil and a few pinches of various spices. Quick, easy and quite tasty. The next day had macaroni «Navy».

Because of the frequent days of rain had to hide in the tents and the car. By the way, the drive test tents Skalnik — was excellent. I was afraid that the polyethylene will break or wear out a bit, but there are no scratches. The test tent was quite expected result. Part of the downsides of the tent are easy to fix, that I actually intend to do. Modding and tuning tents for me nothing new, although I have been spoiled at the time, many tents. For some the models I was very well arranged. For some reason the designers of the tents do not take into account a lot of subtleties of operation of tents. Right as much as I want something to stuff in the tent this designer and to keep him there for three days bezvylazno. I think that in a week, this developer appears with a dozen more convenient and well thought-out tents.

There are firms that address the needs of buyers of tents, but they have very expensive models with a lot of unnecessary functionality. As long as I am in search of the most optimal distribution of price and quality of execution. When defined with a choice — will write about their experiences. Talk about the pros and cons of their choice. But back to the holiday on lake bele.

Closer to the night, decided to cook chicken kebab. Raskochegarilsya barbecue, peppered in there coals were spread on wooden skewers chicken pieces and thrown on the grill. after a while the skewers were ready. It turned out delicious. The only negative a small camping grill that it is very narrow. Along it skewers not decompose, and is placed in this form only three skewers. You need to think about the possibility of roasting on an open fire in the fire or in the netting on the remaining coals from the fire. In short, you need to think about a more civilized approach, and from extreme attacks to be abandoned. Either you need to increase to more extreme options of outdoor recreation.

Closer to sunrise, all lay down on the sleeping bags. slept a couple of hours and was awakened by a rustling rain. The tent bottom from the reinforced polyethylene and he’s not scared of flooding up to twenty centimeters. And judging by the strong bias, in any case, the water will go into the lake. After the rain woke up the remnants of appetite. Packed the tents and were left unprotected from the wind for our mobile kitchen. This immediately reminded windscreen on burner Kovea Campingas. But, not long thinking, has built wind protection from found slabs of broken Skalnik.

Decided to cook pasta nautically. Normal a little pasta with stewed meat. They are prepared quickly and cheerfully, windscreen justified, but in the future will need to use the tent from the tent, one arc, a couple of pegs and two storm delays to create the windscreen field kitchen.

Further, on the remnants of gas we rolled tea. Speaking of tea and other pleasures of the field life. Due to extra fees, along with the St. Petersburg residence fuzzies, we left the crockery house and had to drink tea from a disposable Cup (which remained after a short stop at Wendy’s on the way), tins saury and quite normal Cup. As a fallback was considered the bottom of a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Home, Bela waved us another dose of rain. But it was enough to get out on the road as the sun came out from behind the clouds, the clouds quickly disappeared and the sun accompanied us to the Krasnoyarsk.

It is a pity that Bela goes on a huge number of tourists and the lake turned into a huge rookery. But, in the near vicinity of Krasnoyarsk, anywhere with the tent not rest, almost all of the lake turned into a swamp of garbage. Near rivers stagger addicts and normally would not entertain. Paid beaches are uncomfortable and do not provide the ability to scatter a tent and live there in solitude.

Yes, Bela most of the night the owners of the music boxes (machines with steep subwoofers) and the lack of brain competed whose sub cooler bubukal. For such competitions and fallometrii need to go to an open field with deliberately and already there, in dry weather, to have parametria.