Beautiful lake Hamilton Pool
Lake Hamilton Pool (Hamilton Pool) is located in Texas, near the city of Austin. This is one of the most unusual lakes in the world and it's underground and surface…

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  The lake — it is a closed recess sushi filled with water and which has no direct connection with the ocean. Unlike rivers, lakes — the reservoirs slow water…

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The cleanest lakes in Belarus


According to the results of annual monitoring compiled a list of the cleanest lakes in Belarus.

Everyone who lives or is vacationing in Belarus sooner or later wonder what a clean lake in Belarus . and which are not. Because today you can swim in every body of water. In some cases there is a risk to life and health of tourists. Fortunately, on the territory of Belarus is under constant control of water resources, in particular, more than 300 surface water bodies.

To make your stay in Belarus as comfortable as possible and passed without consequences, provided an overview of the most clean lakes of Belarus according to the 2015, where you can not only swim, but also enjoy beautiful natural scenery.

The most clear lakes of Belarus are situated in Vitebsk, Minsk and Grodno regions.

Vitebsk region

Braslav lakes are a part of the namesake national Park. The transparency reaches 8 meters. On the shoreline-developed infrastructure, there are a lot of recreation facilities. The Park is big, so is a peaceful retreat in nature.

The Basin Of The Western Dvina. Includes several ponds, among them lake North voloso – perfect for a family holiday. In addition to the clean and clear water here is a very popular fishing spot. And the slow current makes it suitable for swimming with children. Infrastructure on the beach there.

Clean and safe for swimming in this area are lake Senno, Richie, Obsterno.

Minsk region

Naroch lakes – are the Foundation of the national Park “Narochansky” and number 43 of the reservoir. It is the largest resort in Belarus is an excellent place for active recreation with Hiking, Biking and water sports, fishing, hunting and eco-tourist routes. The choice of tourists – more than 30 tours.

In addition to Naroch, you can visit the lakes Myadel and the Svir river.

Grodno region

Lake Svityaz is an interesting choice for vacation. The lake has a mysterious legend of origin, and its feature is the presence of vegetation typical of the island of Java in Indonesia. Svityaz lake is an unforgettable outdoor recreation.

Clean and clear also is the Neman Basin.

Now, knowing a clean lake in Belarus . you can easily plan your vacation!