A report on the theme of the lake Hiller in Australia
  Among the attractions of Austria Green lake stands out for its. The pink lake Hillier Australia - What to see? * 26 may. The pink lake Hiller in Australia.…

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Trip to lake Svetloyar
  Weekend, July 6-7. there was a trip to the lake Svetloyar, located in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The history of the lake has many legends, local places and healing…

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Trip to lake White


The White lake is located in Pustoshkinsky district of the Pskov region. On the route Moscow-Riga to the town of Pustoshka., then left onto the M20 “Saint-Petersburg – Kiev”. After the bridge over the river Alol the first turn left into the village. Verzilovo. To Verzilovo two kilometers. After passing through the village, at the fork in front of the wood turn right at the next fork to the left and you will go to the beach oz. White. From Moscow to White approximately 570 km.

In the last issue we announced the holding at the White lake is another of the all-Russian gathering of underwater photographers where invited to join all good people – photographers, underwater hunters, divers. The next cyclone in our North country are not scared of these divers, because the diving suits is much more reliable umbrellas. The delegation of our magazine arrived on the scene late at night, maneuvering through the maze of forest roads, illuminated by lightning flashes. Morning, the rain stopped, we put up tents and conduct reconnaissance. Water in White despite the rain was very transparent, 3-4 meters. On the shore an old acquaintance – Sergey Malyshev (Club “Batial”), he managed to hunt and tells the latest news. In a medium-sized lake with good pike, tench and a small perch. We decided to explore the nearby ponds.

Thursday decided to investigate a group of lakes found to the left of motorway Moscow-Riga 20 km from the town of Pustoshka.. Old, semi-abandoned villages, buried under the window of the house, the fields and meadows, lonely summer residents from Moscow and St. Petersburg – it’s a brief description of the picture that opens to us. Along the dirt road were discovered lake Mogilevskoe, Sutarskoe and Sviblo. The last is the largest – the purpose of our trip. Unfortunately, transparency is not more than 0.5 m peat colours the water. Have to return to base. Made the trip as a sightseeing tour around Pskov province. Night conversations, bonfires… a Pleasant pastime.

On Friday afternoon took place the solemn opening of the gathering, a collective photography, greeting the head of the local administration, the official part. Photographers began their hunt for shots on White. Unfortunately, by the time of delivery of this number of the photographs were not ready, maybe in the next issue we will publish the best photos. The hunters, so as not to disturb the photographers had moved to another part of the White and nearby lakes. This day is remembered such a case. Three hours of unsuccessful search for fish, the wind, the rain, the mood at zero. Strong-willed decision last swim in the Creek in a few minutes we see care for large fish and a large cloud of Muti. Decided to stay here longer. And here it goes carp, out of the grass straight at me. Shot, jerk and… he’s going along with the harpoon. Sail, sad, ashore for a spare gun, near pike swims under 2-3 kg, feels that I’m not dangerous. Though his hands catch. Of course, repeated swim did not bring good luck. Will continue science – always check equipment before the hunt.

Saturday with Dmitry Butusov (the shop “Shaggy sperm Whale”) decided to explore the nearby lake Sinyavino. Amazing transparency up to 7 meters, shallow coastal area, then a sharp drop off to 5 – 7 meters. Many snags and sunken trees. Very beautiful underwater scenery. Lots of perch, roach, several times at the limit of visibility sailed a good pike. Because of the weather, apparently, most of the fish down deep, you have to come here again on a good Sunny day. Travel to the lake like this: the road past the camp site “Alol”, past the river Alol, the pointer of Noclegowa turn left on the asphalt road partly turns into a road at 50 m, then again the asphalt, the first good exit to the right into the woods and up to the stop.

On Sunday, the camp group photo. Parting with old and new friends. The road back, a string of truckers, all as usual in long holidays.