The Orenburg state nature reserve
The main purpose of the reserve "Orenburg" - the study, restoration and conservation of typical landscapes of the near-Ural, South Ural and TRANS-Ural steppes, given the presence in the region…

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Austria. Features of the country
  You decide to relax in Austria? If "Yes!" for you can genuinely happy. After all, you'll have a great time and will never forget this gorgeous country. How many…

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Grigoryevskaya slot


Stood a wonderful spring day and we decided to continue the journey in search of the most beautiful corner of our earth.

Rode the Northern shore of Issyk-Kul. Terskey mount, hanging over the water, flickered fabulous Mirage.

Here also, when that long ago, I admired the beauty of mountain lakes in the valley Chon-Aksu. “If that beauty?” — I Asked myself the question and went after the answer.

GIS crack — real natural wonder of the world. It stretches almost parallel to the coast of Issyk-Kul lake between the ridges Karagay-Bulak, Kungei and — Ala. On forest edges, glades and river banks grows barberry, raspberry, BlackBerry…, the windings of the lateral tributaries of the picturesque waterfalls. Sublime and monumental beryl color of the cliffs and pedestal rocks. The air is as pure as the breath of morning dew.

Three lakes Shine like pearls at the rim from the dense forests. To your sight away from them, seeing for the first time, can’t anyone. The lakes are located in the deep spruce forests, lush coastal grasses and Alpine meadows. Each lake — it is a separate landscape, a separate philosophy, a separate beauty.

Despite the long history and enchanting views, of the lake until they have romantic names. They are simply called — Lower, middle and Upper lakes. To locate these amazing creations, do not need special guidance. All three lakes are located along the bed of the main river. You can drive here by car or to walk. Lower and middle hiding in the forest, and the Upper border of the Alpine meadows is open to the reflections of snowy peaks.

Millennium the river and the forces of the earth worked this magic valley, it is a pity that with the development of tourism at the Issyk-Kul lake is a unique lake turn into a place for picnics and corporate pastime, with the entire set of consequences. On the background of the emerald coast — a garbage dump. Sad.

It’s hard to say which of the three lakes is the most beautiful. Each one has its own story and its mystery I like the Average lake in its shyness, coastal decoration, stretched strict form, silent the images of the drowned snags and stones, a scattering of red strawberry seeds.

Well, coming to these places, glad: still alive the beauty, which gave a piece of his heart!

TOP 9 most beautiful lakes in the world
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In the Northern capital movement organized the clear lake
ST. PETERSBURG, February 1. Last year in St. Petersburg was the "Year of pure lakes". From may to September, St. Petersburg companies, environmental organizations and volunteers spent more than 30…

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