Amazing lake Huron
  Lake Huron is part of the five Great lakes of North America. Its coasts are divided between the canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of Michigan. This…

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Trip to lake White
  The White lake is located in Pustoshkinsky district of the Pskov region. On the route Moscow-Riga to the town of Pustoshka., then left onto the M20 "Saint-Petersburg - Kiev".…

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the Largest lakes on the territory of Bryansk region

Michalka, Guerinot, Kozhanovskaya (Leather) and Salamence -the largest natural lakes of the Bryansk region.

Lake – natural body of water, filled within lake bowl (lake bed) with water, which has no direct connection with the sea. Depending on the conditions of formation of the lake bed identifying the main types of lakes: dam (river, lowland and coastal), hollows (moraine, glacial, karst, thermokarst, deflation, volcanic and tectonic), of mixed origin. Water balance of the lake are divided into waste (outlet-inlet) fed by tributary waters from the catchment area and giving the flow in the river and endorheic (evaporator intake), losing water by evaporation. Thermal regime of lake emit moderate, tropical and polar. Lakes are classified according to the living conditions of aquatic organisms in oligotrophic (poor in phytoplankton and nutrients), and eutrophic (with high content of nutrients) and distrofia (shallow water, poor in oxygen and nutrients). The chemical composition of isolated freshwater lakes, brackish and salty. The total area of lakes in the globe about 2.1 million km 2 (about 1.4% of the land). The largest lake of the world Caspian lake-sea (376 300 km2 ), the deepest – Baikal (1620 m or 1641 m).

Lake Michalka is located in Krasnogorsk district on the territory of the state farm “Mirniy”. The surface area of the lake is 182 hectares, volume of water – 5460 thousand m 3. average depth is 3 m.

The lake is Big, Guerinot is Trubchevsk area 3 km from the railway Moscow – Kiev. The lake is 76 ha, volume of water – 1022,8 thousand square kilometers average depth is 1.3 m. the Lake is overgrown quickly, in 25 years its area has decreased by 20 hectares.

Lake Kozhanovskaya (Leather) is located in Krasnogorsk district on the territory of the state farm “Mirniy”. The lake is 40 ha, water volume of 800 thousand m3. the average depth is 2.0 m.

Salamagne the lake is situated in Klintsovskiy area, 1.5 km from S. Tsarichino. The lake is 35 ha, volume of water -750 thousand square kilometers average depth – 2.0 m.