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The lake Baikal


Lake Baikal – the oldest and deepest lake in the world, one of the greatest freshwater reservoirs in the world. It possesses unusual magnetic properties. It is celebrated by all the tourists who at least once in life visited the planet’s most unique lake, located in Russia. Primarily on the Baikal go for a healing holiday, getting natural and cleaning. Travel thousands of miles by plane, train, car to see its wonderful spaces.

Lake Baikal is located in the South of Eastern Siberia, between Irkutsk oblast and Republic of Buryatia. Baikal is known worldwide. In 1996 the lake was included in the UNESCO world natural heritage site by UNESCO. It flows about 350 lakes and rivers, constantly filling his water. Interestingly, it derives from only one river – the Angara. And the amount of water exceeds the volume of all the combined five Great American lakes. Lake Baikal is sometimes called the sea.

The extraordinary purity and transparency of the lake makes it beyond comparison with other reservoirs of the planet. It absorbs 20% of global and 90% of Russian reserves of fresh water corresponding to all the parameters of the best quality drinking water. From lake Baikal to drink – about this amazing features of today know almost everything. Earlier unique Baikal water is considered curative, it was used to treat diseases. Each year, the ecosystem of lake Baikal reproduces about 60 cubic kilometers of transparent, oxygen-rich water.

Lake Baikal mountain lake, its level above the level of the world ocean by 445 meters and the bottom is below sea level to 1200 meters. The reservoir is the deepest in the world, its maximum depth is 1637 meters. It formed in a huge basin, bounded by faults, about 30 million years ago and is the oldest lake in the world. They say that depression is the deepest depression of the earth’s sushi continues to grow each year by 2 centimeters.

If you measure the area of all nature reserves and national parks of Russia, it will be less than the area of the Baikal natural territory, amounting to 386 thousand square kilometers. By the way, Baikal is larger than several European countries – Germany, England, Finland. In length it extends for more than 600 kilometers, the greatest width is 80 kilometres, and the smallest – 25 km. The water surface of the lake itself covers over 30 thousand square kilometers, its size compared to the size of Belgium.

Baikal is a place of life and growth of rare and one-of – nowhere else occurring animals and plants. The lake is home to 52 species of fish of several families – sturgeon, salmon (which is unique among Baikal omul), thymallidae, spike, carp, somovs, cod, perch and so on. Wonder lake ecosystem acts as a seal, or Baikal seal, the only mammal in the lake.

The life of the animal world is full of amazing moments that can only be seen on Baikal. For example, the mass yield on the shores of brown bears in the spring, which, it is believed, due to the peculiarities of the Baikal nature. Bears come immediately after the melting of the ice coastal strip of lake, when in shallow water is spawning of sculpin. Brown bears go into water, “turn away” rocks and collect eggs, catch fish. During this lesson, sometimes, they splash so much that you can hear them from a distance. In the same period on lake Baikal there is a mass flight of moths. In the mountain taiga of the Baikal region is found the musk deer is the smallest deer in the world.

At lake Baikal 30 Islands, the largest is Olkhon. The climate of the Baikal natural territory is similar to the sea. Winter is mild, snowy, due to dry air with low temperature is transferred easily. In winter Baikal is a fascinating icy realm of the snow Queen. Art created by nature transparent dark ice cannot be “fossilized” water, it is retained by artists and photographers as a work of art. Summers are generally cooler than in other areas of Siberia. Therefore, in the hot season vacationers brings great pleasure bathing in the clear, refreshing water of the lake. By the way, Baikal is the number of Sunny days exceeds the South of Russia. On the West coast there is a record amount of sunshine is 2,500 hours, and on the island the sun shines 317 days a year.

Unique landscapes of lake Baikal, its healthy climate ideal for rest in Russia. This attractive place on Earth every time is full of amazing discoveries…