Fishing in Karelia, rest in Karelia
Karelia is situated in the North-West of the European part. In the East it is washed by the White sea, in the South - Ladoga and Onega lakes. On the…

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In the Republic declared the action "Clean lakes, clean beaches"
  We want to draw public attention to the problem of garbage. to force citizens to think about their behavior in nature. To give people to understand that “if they…

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The largest lake


Lake Bele

It is the largest lake in Khakassia, which attracts tourists from all corners of Siberia. There are several reasons. First, it’s very beautiful: the lake is crystal clear, pristine nature is beautiful, and near the lake there is a mountain, he climbed it at dawn, you can see something fabulous and indescribable, locals call it “the Martian landscape”. Secondly, thanks to the magic properties of the local waters through one day of rest in Bela disappear blisters, small wounds and scrapes, headaches, malaise, and fatigue.

By car we go through Divnogorsk, on the Abakan path, following the sign “the village of Jearim” turn right in the direction of the Shira lake is so huge that it is impossible to by pass.

Where to stay and how much it will cost

You can sit in the recreation center “Valentina”, the cost of living in the houses here – 600-700 rubles. per day per person. There is a recreation center and is for 4000 rubles per day for single room! This, for example, base of rest “Bela Hall”. But the “Transfiguration” recreation center on lake bele will cost 700-750 rubles, and you can be placed in five-and six-bed house (you can buy these apartments for a company or an entire family).

The saltiest lake in Khakassia, located 10 kilometers away from bele. Therefore, as a rule, tourists are immediately (or rather, turns) on a few lakes.

TUS attracts tourists with its unusual salinity. Just imagine there is so much salt that the bottom is covered with a powerful 30 – inch salt crust. Besides, this point is difficult – the class it is called brine, in properties it is not inferior to the salts of the Dead sea. Diseases of musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, joints and metabolism, even gynecological diseases – all will try to cure the healing waters of lake TUS. And, they say, the rest of the lake is great for the nerves and normalizes sleep. And, of course, even if you do not swim – there is the likelihood of drowning is reduced to zero: the water is very-priochen salty! Will feel the float.

However, there are a couple downsides – free stopping at the beach, keep in mind that fresh water is not there. So water you need to bring, but more. Because it is needed not only to quench thirst, but also to opolaskivaetsya after bathing. Drying salt on the body – a thing not palatable. However, on the paid side of the lake as well. If you are not a fan of noisy discos, it is possible to sleep until 2 a.m. it will not be possible.

Lake Ingol

This place is probably one of the most mysterious and attractive on our list. They say that in the fall during the formation of ice from its depths came the inexplicable buzz. In summer and calm weather, from the bottom of the lake suddenly starts to climb stuff. Scientists suggest that these phenomena are produced by an underwater siphon deep Ingole . Well, local legend, of course, says that at the bottom of the lake lives the “water snakes”.

Going by car in the Western direction on the Moscow path towards the airport “Cheremshanka”, we reach to Achinsk, we turn off on Uzhur, then turn towards village Kulun. From the village Steam room – via Beres, then turning West to the village of Sorokino, which is near Angola.

In General, if you like to swim and not afraid of the big congestion of people (after all, Khakass lakes is incredibly popular and gather tourists), welcome to the healing waters of Khakassia solar!