In the Republic declared the action "Clean lakes, clean beaches"
  We want to draw public attention to the problem of garbage. to force citizens to think about their behavior in nature. To give people to understand that “if they…

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Trip to Transylvania: what to see
    The howling of the wolves, ancient castles, washed by the sea, and vampires - this causes the image of Transylvania in many people. However, if you abstract from…

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Volcanic lake


We offer You to plunge into the world of the ancient history of Southeast Asia. This magnificent country fascinates with its unique sights. T URS to Indonesia from St. Petersburg attract tourists who appreciate the history and culture of Asia.

Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations, because you can relax here all year round. Each island of the archipelago is unique, but almost everywhere amaze the most beautiful mountain landscapes, Smoking volcanoes, tropical rainforests with lush vegetation and varied fauna and, of course, sandy beaches and always warm water. The history of this region goes back far into the past – on some of the Islands preserved ancient tribes that are not touched by technical progress, and the numerous churches and museums Indonesia store of priceless monuments of the past.

In Bali beach and very convenient conditions for surfing. After all, surfing in Bali are prized by many professionals worldwide. In the archipelago of favorable conditions for recreation are celebrated throughout the year, however, the main seasons are December-January and July-September. The best time for surfing is from September to March.

For early booking you can buy tours to Bali from St. Petersburg for a very reasonable price, You can view update information on our website including promotions and special offers on tours to Bali from St. Petersburg.

Exotic tours to Bali from Saint Petersburg is able to give You a fabulous warm feeling of peace and harmony in full communion with nature. This wonderful island as mysterious magnet attracts to its beaches tourists from all over the world. Magnificent Bali resorts impress their guests with amazingly beautiful nature, excellent service and gorgeous sea beaches. Lush exotic vegetation of the island, picturesque underwater world and a heavenly climate are able to turn Your stay in Bali unforgettable journey.

Tours in Bali from St. Petersburg have become very popular for couples seeking a romantic break or honeymoon. For happy couples stay in hotels of the island are uniquely suitable conditions. Many restaurants are served for two people. Most hotel rooms are ideal for romantic love travel.

One of the oldest resorts in Bali Sanur attracts tourists with white sand beaches, and nearby entertainment centre Taman Festival Park. At this resort you can find the oldest hotels of the island, built thirty-forty years ago. Sanur is a popular diving tours in Bali from St. Petersburg to divers. Another feature of this resort can be called a best prices at local restaurants Indonesian cuisine.

Expensive hotels with high status differs a holiday in Bali in the popular resort of Nusa Dua. This resort, located on the South of the island, attractive for its long luxurious beaches, the largest in Bali Golf course, Bali Golf Country Club with 18 holes and a centre for surfing. Popular tours in Bali from St. Petersburg to the resort of Nusa Dua give You the opportunity to relax on a closed resort area surrounded by boutiques, restaurants and souvenir shops. Among the tourists there are a lot of popular shopping center a family-friendly hotel Bali.

Near the resort of Nusa Dua is another resort Bali Benoa Tangun. Beach tours in Bali from St. Petersburg with a stay at the resort are characterized by the placing in four-star hotels with private beaches. You will certainly please the visit the resort Centre of water sports and exciting boat trips to neighbouring Islands.

Exotic holidays in Bali for lovers of the sea small cozy coves and resorts presents the opportunity to stay in Kuta or Jimbaran. The resort Jimbaran is located only a few hotels. But there are many fish restaurants.

Especially popular among the young beach tours in Bali from St. Petersburg to the resort of Kuta. Stay at this resort quite affordable cost. For young and energetic tourists in Kuta you will find enough entertainment. During the day there is a fun water Park and the pleasant bustle of shopping, and after sunset the friendly open doors of the numerous bars, clubs, discos and even night market. On holidays in Bali, Kuta really appreciate avid fans of surfing and other water sports.

In the heart of the island on the slopes of the mountains lies the resort of Ubud. Tours to Bali from Petersburg to this resort give You plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the swift mountain river, surrounded by lush tropical jungle. A holiday in Bali in Ubud offer a variety of boutique   hotels. For fun tourist resort is rich in galleries and workshops on wooden sculptures. In Ubud is perhaps the best market where you can buy a souvenir of the original statues from wood and stone and other interesting Souvenirs. Tours in Bali from St. Peretburg successfully combine a visit to Ubud with a rest at the seaside.

Java island is the second most popular resort in Indonesia, its main attraction is the architecture of Buddhist Empire, preserved to our days. The biggest impression on you will make the whole temple complex, which is the finest example of sculpture and architecture in the world.

Lombok island is distinguished by quiet beaches and lagoons, unusual vegetation of tropical forests, luxury hotels, volcanoes that surround the resort, worth your attention.

The third most popular island of Indonesia – Sumatra. Coast of the island covered with black sand, showing the volcanic origin of the island. The protected beaches of this island attract a quiet and fairly secluded beaches, mountain lakes located on their shores resorts, ruins of ancient mosques and palaces. Here is the only place in the world where you can still find these primitive tribes.

We offer tours to Indonesia from St. Petersburg with exciting sightseeing programs. Prices for tours to Indonesia below.