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Trip to Transylvania: what to see



The howling of the wolves, ancient castles, washed by the sea, and vampires – this causes the image of Transylvania in many people. However, if you abstract from this cliché originated the famous novel by Bram Stoker, you will find in the North-West of Romania lot of interesting things. The trip to Transylvania is much more than just a trip to the homeland of Dracula. We will give seven reasons why you should go for a vacation there.

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Natural beauty

Jagged peaks of the Carpathian mountains border on the West to the Apuseni mountains, covered with dense ancient forests and green hills. Transylvania is perhaps one of the few regions in Europe that has a pristine landscape.

Entry into the countryside of Transylvania is not only a return to an ancient world of dark forests filled with bears and wolves, but in the lives of farmers who preserved their culture for centuries.

Hiking and Cycling trails, caving, climb the mountains, clear lakes, hills and forests – enough to make the trip to Transylvania has become your obsession.

The picturesque town

Despite the fact that Transylvania conjures up images of picturesque villages and unspoilt nature, there is also and city. Cluj-Napoca is the largest city in the area. It is known for its cobbled streets, buildings in Baroque style and wide boulevards with cafes – there is something to see. Here lives the majority of Romanian students, so the nightlife is in full swing.

Complicated story

The mysterious Dacians, an ancient race related to the Thracians who inhabited the land before the Romans arrived. The Romans conquered the region and turned it into a province of the Roman Empire. Transylvania eventually became part of the Hungarian Kingdom, then an independent Principality. Despite the fact that Transylvania has retained its Autonomous status, it for centuries remained under the great influence of the Ottoman Empire. But then it was absorbed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

In the 20th century the borders of Transylvania were constantly changing. In the early 20th century it became part of Romania. After the First World war Hungary conquered this region, and during the Second World war she again became Romanian. The complex history hidden in its castles, towns and churches – thanks to her in Transylvania there is something to see the modern tourist.

The Church-fortress

The Church-fortress is what you need to look at in Transylvania for sure. These monuments are unique, they bear witness to the tempestuous past of Transylvania. Most of these churches were built in the middle ages to defend against Tatar and Ottoman invasions. Them in the region more than a hundred, now some of these churches are world heritage sites of UNESCO.

Cultural diversity

A trip to Transylvania will introduce you to other cultures and ethnicities. Transylvania belongs to Romania, but I live there also Hungarians, Saxons, Gypsies, Serbs, and Armenians in the journey you will encounter different cultures and languages. During the masses in the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Tirgu Mures, you will see many Hungarians, and in the Romanian villages will face Roma in bright clothes. The diversity of cultures makes Transylvania an interesting place to visit.


This region is famous for its arts and crafts, namely embroidery and wood carving. From a trip to Transylvania can bring unique gifts to your relatives and friends shirt with hand embroidery. They can be purchased from masters in one of the historic streets of the city, in the tourist markets or artisanal workshops on the roadside.


Of course, Transylvania has a reputation of the winemaker, but here also grow grapes and produce delicious wines. Around Alba Iulia and Alba County you’ll find some interesting wineries and cellars. Try to get in the basement of the Archbishop in Alba Iulia and taste there wine.

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