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Austria. Features of the country


You decide to relax in Austria? If “Yes!” for you can genuinely happy. After all, you’ll have a great time and will never forget this gorgeous country.

How many interesting and beautiful in Austria:

• colorful city;

• cozy commune;

• thermal resorts;

• scenic panorama;

• amazing sights;

• beautiful traditions;

• unforgettable Goodies.

Just not right!

Undoubtedly, a holiday in Austria might interest any person. Because in this country you can:

• enjoy the beauty of natural resources;

• to experience the charm of great world culture;

• experience a true European spirit;

• get an unforgettable experience;

• to purchase a variety of items;

• try the world popular dishes;

• to communicate with interesting people.

Where are you, the mountain beautiful?

The Republic of Austria is situated in Central Europe or as we say “in the heart of the European continent”. The area of the country – 83,8 km2. And more than 70% of the territory is occupied by the Alps.

Also many tourists are attracted by the fact that Austria shares borders with many European countries. And if you want a holiday in Austria can be combined with visits to other cities and States.

So, the Republic borders:

• with Germany and the Czech Republic to the North;

• with Slovakia in the East;

• with Italy and Slovenia to the South;

• Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the West.

Now consider, on any Federal land is divided Republic. But at the same time learn the capital cities of the nine Federal provinces:

• Lower Austria (St. pölten) — 19 178 sq km;

• Styria (Graz) — 16 391,93 sq km;

• Tyrol (Innsbruck) — 12 648 sq km;

• Upper Austria (Linz) – 11 980 sq km;

• Carinthia (Klagenfurt) — 9536 sq km;

• Salzburg (Salzburg) — 7154 sq km;

• Burgenland ( Eisenstadt ) — 3966 sq km;

• Vorarlberg (Bregenz) — 2601 sq km;

• Vienna (Vienna) — 415 sq. km.

As you can see, even the names of lands and cities beckon on vacation in Austria. And in the other there is a natural attractiveness. Let’s look at them.

1. Inviting the divine peaks of the Alps can be enjoyed from many locations in Austria. Thanks to the Alps and Austrian settlements:

• look special;

• seem to be protected.

As you know, the Alps are located in the territory and other European countries. Now here they are called “Austrian or Eastern Alps”, because they are located to the East of the river Rhine.

Of course, the mountain is very interesting. And it is not surprising that every year many tourists come to Austria to go skiing. Conditions for the sport here is really great.

Please note! In the Alps there are areas that are covered with snow all year round. This, for example, Tauern in East Tyrol, Ötztal valley in Tyrol. By the way, is the highest mountain in the Austrian Alps – Grossglockner, located on the border of East Tyrol and Carinthia. The elevation is 3798 m.

2. In Austria it occurs quite a lot of rivers. And each of them has its attractions both for locals and for tourists. The most famous is the Danube river, Vienna, Austria, Rhine, Inn.

3. Individual attention, lake of Austria. They annually attract a large number of tourists for a full beach holiday. The most famous lakes are lake Constance, Torahime. Wörthersee, Faaker see, Klopeiner see (the warmest lake in Austria).

Of course, are the not all of the natural beauty of Austria. But! Even the thought of the Alps, lakes and rivers is uplifting, isn’t it?

How to get to Austria?

First you need to decide:

• where exactly you want to relax;

• what do you eat in Austria.

Depending on this, you can easily plan your itinerary.

To different cities and towns of Austria can be reached by road in cars and buses. Also, many cities are connected by Railways.

The country has several airports and train stations. Many of them are located in the biggest cities, e.g. Vienna .

Undoubtedly, a visit to this country you will not forget. It is also possible that Austria will become your favorite vacation spot. Welcome!

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