Big lake
  Romania is situated in the heart of Europe. It is bordered by Ukraine (North), Moldova, Ukraine and the Black Sea (in the East), Bulgaria (South), Serbia (South-West) and Hungary…

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Most popular lake monsters
  18 may 1960, three priests said that they had seen loadingrow monster in Lough REE in Ireland.This is one of three lakes in Ireland, which saw a monster. In…

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Trip to lake Turgoyak


A trip to oz.Turgoyak I was planning since last year. Earlier happened to be on this beautiful lake a couple of times. But that would be purposefully there to stay and to go diving.

So, Friday evening, weather in Perm, Russia sharply deteriorated, it started to rain and got cold. In the company of 8 comrades in diagnosis we moved. The distance from Perm to the lake.Turgoyak – 520 km If to go on a route Perm-Krasnoufimsk-between mesyagutovo-Satka-Miass Turgoyak. In the way there, 11 hours back 7.5 hours. Conclusion it is better to go not in the night so went back on Sunday at 18 hours and almost all the way was driving on empty and light track, and on Friday had to share the road with truckers and tormented in the night. The place we arrived early in the morning. Stopped on the basis of Firefly. The double room 1500 rubles. New clean case, the only negative is the shower and toilet not in the rooms, and shared, on the floor. Although, it’s not how much strained. There is a kitchen with all belongings. The place is gorgeous. Pine forest is crossed with a healthy birch trees. The weather on the morning was overcast but without rain.

We phoned in advance with a local diver Nicholas. Having filled in all required he received TSU, where you can swim, we went to explore the nearest Bay. The wind buffeted our coast. The visibility dropped to 4 metres (for this little space). The depth of 3-5 meters koryazhki and grass. diving is very unusual. In the end everyone loved.

Night flooded on the basis of the us bath. Naprushis enough I was hoping the guys to settle down, but not here that was. The people rushed to the night swim.

Night in the lake it’s different. Sleeping perch spread their spines to the limit, roach hiding between the rocks, pike safely snoring in the middle of the pit.

Watching the swimmer in the rays of light coming from behind you catch yourself thinking not of earthly beauty and a completely new sensations in the same place where previously swam during the day.

In the morning Nicholas agreed with the boat and we were taken to the other side where there were almost no waves. When first putting mask in water find myself thinking that prozac 10 meters. Delight is breathtaking. The guys go to a depth of 15 meters .I later armed with an underwater camera followed them. A little swim at a depth of 11 meters I catch myself thinking that in the coastal precincts of the water is much warmer and more fun to swim because there is something to see. At a depth of only stones and small perch. After rising to the surface decide to rent scuba gear and swim without him. As a result, the fish were scattered from the noise of the bubbles. Under the first Bush meet three small submarines that are floating around were watching fry, reminiscent of silver rain.

Unfortunately, the weekend fly at the speed of sound. It is time to move home.

Summing up the trip: you Can ride on a day off, better not to swim deep, you can shoot pike, there is a host side, not a bad base to stay. I think that this year we could go again. We invite everyone to join us.