The uchar Waterfall – test for the brave..."
  In the second issue of the Russian geographical magazine ’s Picturesque Russia"* in 2015 published an article about Altai biosphere reserve: "the Waterfall uchar – test for the bold…”…

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Unique lake under threat Chokrak
Unique lake under the threat of Chokrak In Crimea, a lot of lakes, lake Chokrak is a very interesting object. But as point sources and scientists, this lake is under…

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The Lake Tair


Recently received this in his poem, where I asked one of the authors of the site – was I ever on the lake Tair? I did not even know about this lake with the title, in tune with my surname. About Tairov lane (by the name of the owner of the house in St. Petersburg, Luke Gavrilovic Tairov) near Sennaya square – know. About Tairovo district in Odessa knew. Russian actor and Director Alexander Yakovlevich Tairova, about a Soviet aircraft designer Vsevolod Konstantinovich Tairova, who died in 1941, and many other people with the surname Tairov was it. The lake and about Tair never heard before.

It turned out that to the South in 42 kilometers from Yoshkar-Ola is the most beautiful lake Tair. The name of the lake, according to many handbooks and publications, comes from Mari OTO EP (“gr” the grove “EP” – lake). In the middle of the lake is a small island, on which grows a grove “gr”.

There is another version of the Perm-Mari title: “TA” (lake) + “EP” (lake); “lake+lake”.

And the third version from the Turkic word – name Tahir. There was even a legend, in his own way explains the origin of this name: “the old man with the boy after a long journey stopped at the lake to rest, to wash and to drink. After resting, thanked the lake: “Tau, er!” (“Thank you, lake!”). Hence the name of the lake Tair”.

Well, thanks from me, also the owner of the name Tahirov, Tahir lake for the wonderful formation! Now I want to go on vacation to this lake Tair and look at its beauty, which could be seen on the photos of people who visited there. The photographs wrote in the technique of “oil on canvas” landscape “Lake Tair”. And here is the story in verse about this painting (the painting in Fig. above the poem):

Tair – lake

Wanted to see me the whole World!

Technically, it is a pity, it is impossible.

Start with simple: the lake Tair

I’m going to visit, and my heart anxious

The beautiful island is there, say,

In the title I know something.

I’ll walk around the trees all in a row

All around the lake to go hunting!

No, it’s the lake, of course, not mine

(Last name is very close),

There wittingly bird is a Warbler sings,

There fishing without a big risk.

Basil – great-grandfather, my grandfather – Timothy –

Perhaps they once lived?

I’m in St. Petersburg suffer from ideas,

Tasks that have long been decided.

There lived, in love with the forest people,

Monks in the forgotten – the ‘ Roo,

On the lake in winter were on the ice,

Throwing the ground for the offense in a hole.

So in the legend, the island appeared,

On it grow – all beckon.

Want to see the island, even for a moment!

(Tahirov, Tahir goes on: in the plan. )

Such a journey is like honey –

Fed up in town apartment!

Tairov around the lake will take place,

And the lake will understand: passed. Tairov!

National Geographic Traveler
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The Orenburg state nature reserve
The main purpose of the reserve "Orenburg" - the study, restoration and conservation of typical landscapes of the near-Ural, South Ural and TRANS-Ural steppes, given the presence in the region…

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