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The Healing properties of water of the salt lake Sivash


On the Crimean Peninsula between two seas Black and Azov has a large but quite shallow lake called the Sivash. Strictly speaking, it is not a lake at all, but rather a Bay of the Azov sea, which stretched for miles and miles. The source of the water of the Sivash only one – this is a Fine Bay, which is located near the town of Genichesk. In the summer months due to strong heat it dries quickly, because of this, the lake water is becoming saltier and saltier.

The system of Sivash lake – this combination of land and water, while the total area of the lake with pools, backwaters, creeks, underwater springs is 10 000 km². The share of “living” water accounts for only about 2 500 km². The lake is divided into two parts: the big East is called Sivagami less — Western Sivasami.

Salt lake wants to call a natural phenomenon. When the area of the lake is surprisingly shallow, its maximum depth – not more than 3 meters, mostly in the Sivash is not deeper than 0.5 to 1.0 m. of Course, the most important riches of the lake – this its salt and brine, which greatly benefit the human body, being the source of health. In the brine contains such important health trace elements like potassium, sodium, and magnesium salts: magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride, magnesium bromide. Scientists say that the stock of salt in the lake is not less than 200 million tons, which means that this Crimean pearl will serve the health and longevity of our children and grandchildren.

What is the brine of the Sivash and how it can be useful to maintain health?

Let’s start with the fact that brine “Rotten sea”, as we used to call the Sivash, surprisingly pleasant, pink color. This shade – a result of the high concentration of algae in the water Dunaliela Salina. This microscopic inhabitant of water in nature live in very salty water. Dunaliela Salina is highly valued by beauticians and doctors for its antioxidant properties. The water of the Sivash, thus, becomes truly therapeutic and healing.

It just so happened that pink Dunaliella Salina algae due to natural selection gained unexpected properties. These organisms live in extreme conditions: high temperature and concentration of salt in the water, the solar activity and plus – a lack of nutrients. In the end, algae “wiser” and have learned how to produce carotenoids in a large quantity. The highest concentration is β-carotene, is nothing like “vitamin A”.

Why he was so useful to the human body? First, unlike the vitamin A, beta-carotene is not toxic. Our body is a lot smarter than we think: it knows how much beta-carotene to convert to vitamin a, an overdose may.

And now most importantly, the beneficial properties of the water literally dissolved beta-carotene: stimulation of immunity, antioxidant function. In addition, vitamin a plays an important role in the formation of the epithelium, it enters into the composition of the glands, skin and internal membranes of the human body.

Experts say that vitamin a fights the risk of cancer, helps to prevent the development of cardiovascular ailments, paralysis and arteriosclerosis. Beta-carotene is very beneficial for the skin, it also makes it more resistant to environmental influences, activates the tan.

In the Western part of the Sivash is a unique place, which we told you in a previous article. We are talking about the resort Saki, which was opened in 1828 distant and active until now.

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