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The Lake of Carinthia, Relaxation in the lakes,


Due to its proximity to the Adriatic sea, the many hours of sun and fabulous lake district-mountain landscape, Carinthia is a Paradise of Hiking in the Alpine-Adriatic region. 93 mountain peaks rising to over 3,000 m and above all 3.798 metre Grossglockner-Austria’s highest mountain. In Carinthia you can satisfy any thirst for movement: if You want to play a round of Golf, ride at your pleasure on a Bicycle or to explore by mountain bike, jog, stroll or ride horses – countless sports for the whole family and lovers of extreme sports, indoor sports facilities, silvery-green mountain scenes, as well as clear lakes make it all possible.

Endless thirst for pleasures

Many of the classic Carinthian dishes have their compliance beyond the Austrian border – for example, the traditional “Railing” – a pie made of yeast dough stuffed with cinnamon and raisins, known in Italy as “Substitutes”, in Slovenia as “Pohaku”. Enjoy culinary highlights and a variety of flavors between the Alps and the Adriatic the best in Carinthia, on the South side of the Alps.

Wörthersee is the most popular lake in southern Austria, on the shore of which is the capital of Carinthia, Klagenfurt. The average water temperature in summer: +27°C, long lake – 17 km, width up to 1600 meters.

The resort town of Velden is located on the Western tip of lake wörth.

Excellent natural beaches and a beautiful promenade with many restaurants, bars and cafes-patisserie, a luxurious Casino, shops and boutiques, unique fountain show, and incomparable atmosphere of a resort, – all that Velden, cheerful, restless, romantic and beautiful.

During the summer hosts many events: festivals and vintage sports cars, rally rockers, Carinthian competition runners, European ball, wine festival, concerts under the open sky, a variety of exciting festivals and tournaments.

Klopeinersee – the warmest lake in southern Austria, is in 30 km from the Carinthian capital of Klagenfurt. The average water temperature in summer is +28°C, long lake – 1.8 km, width 800 meters.

On the lake – excellent swimming, fishing, diving. A variety of water sports (catamaran, water skiing, Windsurfing, etc.), 65 tennis courts, beautiful Golf courses, a variety of Hiking and Cycling trails in the scenic Alpine trails – Klopeinersee as if created for lovers of scenic natural landscapes and fans of an active lifestyle.

St. Kanzian is one of the most popular resorts Klopeinersee. A small, cozy town with many cafes and restaurants surrounded by greenery. There are all conditions for family holidays: a peaceful life and happy holidays: fireworks over the lake, dancing and evening entertainment in hotels, children’s animation.

Millstattersee is the second largest lake of Austria, in Carinthia. The average water temperature in summer: +25 to 27°C, long lake – 12 km, its width in some places reaches 1500 meters.

Seeboden is a resort town, literally surrounded by greenery. Here you can admire different species of plants on the territory Blumenpark and Park of Baron Klinger, in the garden of roses and the famous Japanese garden is the Bonsai Museum.

Sunny beaches, pristine lake water, a small, cozy cafes and restaurants, all possibilities for outdoor activities: Cycling, Golf, minigolf, beach volleyball, hunting and fishing, paragliding, yachting and horse riding, tennis and squash courts, – Seeboden is a wonderful option for families because everyone will find here something of interest.

Near the town are the Porsche Museum in gmünd, the puppet Museum in Treffen, the Comedy theatre in the castle of Porcia in Spital. Castle Sommerer in mid-July is a real knight tournament.

Every summer Seeboden world championship body-art. Artists from around the world gather in a small town on lake Millstattersee, and campers may wish to participate in the competition or to act as spectators for this fun-filled, memorable holiday.

Faakersee, the picturesque lake of Carinthia, is located 5 km from Villach. The average water temperature in summer: +26 to 27°C, long lake – 2.3 km, width 1.7 km away.

Turquoise waters, emerald green forests and the white sailboats: nothing disturbs the peace of Paradise, except that joyful laughter of children on a Sunny beach. Motor boats are prohibited on the lake, so Faakersee is considered the most pristine Alpine lake.

However, the rest of Faakersee only at first glance seem calm. In summer there is a huge number of holidays and festivals, musical and theatrical performances, folk festivals and sport competitions. And in the beginning of September on Faakersee traditionally held rally of motorcyclists, fans of the legendary brand Harley-Davidson.

For fans of an active lifestyle: mountain Biking, kayaking, climbing, horse riding, various water sports, Hiking along Alpine trails and much more.

Stay on Faakersee is a great option for those who like to combine a beach holiday with trips to different cities, because the lake is located halfway between Vienna, Salzburg and Venice. Near Faakersee is located the famous thermal health resort Warmbad-Villach to the water Park where you can go as a family.

The Lake of Carinthia, Relaxation in the lakes,
  Due to its proximity to the Adriatic sea, the many hours of sun and fabulous lake district-mountain landscape, Carinthia is a Paradise of Hiking in the Alpine-Adriatic region. 93…


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