The uchar Waterfall – test for the brave..."
  In the second issue of the Russian geographical magazine ’s Picturesque Russia"* in 2015 published an article about Altai biosphere reserve: "the Waterfall uchar – test for the bold…”…

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Forest on the shore of the Lipovskoye lake
  The defenders of the Kurgalsky reserve guard from building a lake Lipovskoye Environmental action in defense of Kurgalsky zakaznik, which was attended on Saturday, 25 may, about 40 residents…

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National Geographic Traveler

Iceland. Blue lagoon, 45 km from Reykjavik.

What places do you think is the best? That you are not strained, the popular magazine National Geographic Traveler recommends you various options of places to stay in 2012 — from the romantic hills of Croatia to the beautiful beaches in Thailand. A list of 20 points that covers cities, regions and countries from all five continents: Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, the capital of Northern Ireland Belfast, New Zealand, Pittsburgh in the USA, Mongolia, London, Oman, Iceland, Thailand, Dresden in Germany, the district of Muskoka in Canada, the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, Costa Brava in Spain, California region SONOMA in the USA, Sri Lanka, Greece, and the Virunga mountains on the border of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda.

The number of selected destinations, Europe ranks first in the list Icelandic, but also Spanish Costa Brava, the Croatian Istria, and then Dresden, London, Greece and also the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast.

From the countries of Oceania in 2012, it is recommended to go to New Zealand, and among the Middle Eastern countries with preference given to Oman. In Asia, apart from Thailand (which is beautiful according to the magazine the world beach Koh Lip) and of the boundless steppes of Mongolia, edited by Nation Geographic Traveler advises to visit Sri Lanka.

In North America the choice fell on the canadian Ontario and the region of Mongolia, California, and the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In Latin America, National Geographic advises to visit Colombia, Guatemala, Panama and Peru.The best destination in Africa became Virunga – an array of eight volcanoes, passing through the territory of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

1. Iceland (Iceland)

Photo Johnathan A. Esper (Johnathan A. Esper), Getty Images

Dusk falls on a primeval landscape on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Its name it received on its Western part the mountain and the volcano Snæfellsjökull. The landscape of the Peninsula is amazingly beautiful and displays all the diversity of nature island Iceland. This state — a relic of the last ice age — the world of valleys, giant fjords, monumental cliffs, black sand beaches, thundering waterfalls, and silent glaciers. Recent volcano eruptions remind us that Iceland — still the country is in the process of creating and modifying landscapes that even Icelanders continue to discover.