Beautiful lake Hamilton Pool
Lake Hamilton Pool (Hamilton Pool) is located in Texas, near the city of Austin. This is one of the most unusual lakes in the world and it's underground and surface…

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The lake of Fire.
  Fires burn brightly, the flames licking higher and already slightly bored predsmertnoe-August sky. This is not a witch hunt, this is the start of the new season of Serie…

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Unique lake under threat Chokrak

Unique lake under the threat of Chokrak In Crimea, a lot of lakes, lake Chokrak is a very interesting object. But as point sources and scientists, this lake is under threat . A unique eco-system has formed in it a long time, the water in the lake was always very salty. In these unique circumstances just live beneficial bacteria, and the silt and mud thus also bring benefits to sick people.

But the last measurements of water showed that she was in the lake gradually loses its salt and becomes more fresh, it means one thing, mud lake Chokrak under threat of extinction. If the bacteria in them will die, it won’t be mud, regular mud.

Desalination occurs for a number of reasons, all linked to climate, with frequent rains in the region recently and the dam breaks.

Since the beginning of the last century and until the 1990-ies in the lake maintained optimal salinity. Later broke the dam and began a controlled erosion of the lake shoreline. Birds became less. Water in some local wells are gone, and as a result the lake is bad and people are without water.

If this goes on, the healing mud, the end will come, they just freeze. Lake how medical resources will be lost forever.

In other places of the Crimea in recent years, less precipitation falls and the water in ponds has become less birds as a result less wildlife is being rebuilt with the arrival of an entirely different climatic environment. Crimea became a desert in some places, such as before the greenery here is no, if there is something near the springs or along streams. In the rivers of Crimea is virtually no fishing of perch, pike, carp, if left in the abundance of common carp and crucian carp, everything else is gradually transferred.

Decision on lake Chokrak of course you can take, the main thing that you will need to do is to build the floodgates on the dam. On September 21, will host the “I love my coast”, the residents of Kerch and the inhabitants of Leninsky district will attempt to draw attention to the unique natural environment of the reserve.