Expert called his version of the causes of the landslide in Almaty
  About when should we fear the floods, why they are impossible to predict and the cause of this natural disaster in an interview said lead researcher RSE "Kazhydromet",…

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The Orenburg state nature reserve
The main purpose of the reserve "Orenburg" - the study, restoration and conservation of typical landscapes of the near-Ural, South Ural and TRANS-Ural steppes, given the presence in the region…

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The originality and unique beauty of the Kirov region unrestrained attracts a lot of tourists, local historians, naturalists and nature enthusiasts . Contemplation forests, extending nearly to the White sea, Northern lights, fishing . a journey by canoe along the rifts, rubble and pools of cold rivers of the taiga, hunting . nights around the campfire, sing-song murmur of the streams, merging with the rumbling of the roar of bears and moose – all of this can be called a perfect family holiday . And all this describes the unique and beautiful surroundings of the Kirov region. Stay here – great, incomparable pleasure. And, in the South of this Paradise in forty kilometers from the city of Urium is a real fairy tale is an extraordinarily beautiful, interesting and unique lake Shaitan .

On the lake the Shaitan You will appreciate the cosy Sunny meadow on one side and the impenetrable jungle primeval, pristine beautiful forests on the other. But the obstruction of the area surrounding the lake Shaytan – it is only at first glance. Lake Shaitan is filled with life and comfort. Right here among the beautiful fir trees every tourist can find a cozy wooden cottage . But near still is a holiday home . And on the shore of lake Shaitan, we see a tourist base and a beautifully decorated rustic the territory of the sanatorium . All the evidence suggests that the lake Shaytan – the perfect place to relax . Even homes in the private sector can bring into Your life a sense of peace, balance and comfort. The people here are good natured and will always meet You with smile and cordiality. As well as helping to organize an unsurpassed fishing and hunting .

Distraction, to escape the monotonous monotony of everyday life, to relax from nervous overloads will help You with cozy accommodation . located in the most beautiful places on the beautiful lake Shaitan . Here You will find cozy and comfortable little wooden cabins in a pine forest, where there is everything for a comfortable home stay . TV, hot water, refrigerator, upholstered furniture – all these equipped rooms each sanatorium . All this will help You to escape from routine and persistence, to relax and plunge into the fantastic world of lake Shaitan . A unique phenomenon that will not leave calm even the most finicky of taste of country rest – beautiful and unusual drifting Shaitan Islands, on which grow small bushes and small trees. Some of these unusual natural creations are able to withstand even the weight of a person. The uniqueness of the lake is Satan manifested in the emissions up columns of sparkling and extremely clean, warm water. Locals say that the “pillars” such can be seen in both winter and summer, and in winter the water leaves ruffled, sticking up thick ice. Despite all its unusual quirks, the Shaitan lake is rich in carp, great taste which is appreciated by thousands of tourists . And the fishing here is just indescribable. Every man will appreciate such a great fun vacation on the shores of lake Shaitan . Queen of the lake Shaitan is considered to be a pike chasing carp and roach. In beautiful blue water splashing goby and perch. Fishing equipment can be rented from the private sector or in the coastal hotels . By boat you can get on the beach near a holiday home or tourist base . On the shores of lake Shaitan near the cottage villages are specially equipped and comfortably located place for barbecue. For corporate events you can use a fairly large conference hall . Here you can spend fun time with family and friends, enjoy the tranquility, comfort and unity with nature . On the lake the Shaitan also a variety of activities .

Rich and diverse nature of the lake Shaitan . Coastal forests attract hunters . Here you can meet squirrels, hares, elk, bears, boars, wolves, lynx. Among the birds you can see grouse, black grouse, wood grouse, geese, ducks. When You hunt, Your family can arrange their outdoor activities . They can play table tennis or to try to drive the ball into the hole Billiards in the hotel lobby . Can dance on the shores of lake Shaitan near the cottage village or recreation at the disco. Or take the boat in the cabin of the private sector and pokolesit the water of the lake Shaitan . All this will delight them and to give pleasure from a perfect holiday . A few words about the area of lake Satan . The nature has created in areas of the lake magnificent steep cliffs and rocks, fabulous waterfalls and a bit scary, but very interesting caves. Active guests will appreciate this splendor, making the tour, or even organizing a fishing trip . on the rivers Vyatka and Nimda. They are located near the lake Shaitan . In short there are all conditions for interesting environmental and countryside recreation .

Once on the lake the Shaitan . You will feel extraordinary enchanting atmosphere of this tale unusual, but very comfortable resort. Lake Shaitan becomes Your cozy home . in which you want to return again and again.

Of course, relax on the lake the Shaitan can not only in summer. It is suitable for an unforgettable winter holiday . In the cold season the lake freezes over and the devil is wonderful skating rink. In every tourist camp or holiday cottage you can rent skates or skis. And each hotel will kindly ask You to arrange an unforgettable trip to the seaside, very beautiful and ancient, snow-covered forest.

Come to the lake Shaitan to breathe clean air, listen to the rustle of the leaves, take a dip in the clear water, wander along the trails, go fishing . ride on a catamaran, enjoy the nature and quiet life of the Russian provinces. Take a journey into the world of harmony of nature and man. Come in this tale, and your vacation will be unforgettable, and summer or winter, spent here will be the most joyous event in my life.

Rent housing for recreation, fishing or hunting on lake Shaitan

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